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New signings on The Pain Fucktory

EPIC DEATH is the brain child of Dennis Dorsett aka The Guitar Vamp and his long search for the throne that will give him reign over the kingdom of darkness.  The dark tones of his guitar and his haunting lyrics touch you just like his fangs on the lily white skin of a maiden.
Becky Dorsett aka Mistress Demona is just that, the evil mistress of the keys.  Her extensive stufy of haunting sounds adds eerie excitement to each of the songs by Epic Death, luring you in to her musical spells.
The scion known as Forest Holt aka Ulfr (pronounced Oolf), the spawn of chaos brings forth his bass like the rolling thunder of Mjollnir itself.  The thundering drive of his bass leaves only destruction in its wake as nothing built by man can stand before its onslaught and the onslaught of Epic Death.
Much like the thundering hooves of the great steeds during battle, Zak Roofner aka Dead Speed is known for his precision and ability to provide any beat necessary to take Epic Death into victory.  His precise timing, blast beats and intricate break downs allow Epic Death to entice you and make you a part of each song.

FINAL DAWN  is a post apocalyptic battle group operating in Helsinki, Finland. Style of mayhem they're creating is somewhere between thrash, death and musical elements of black metal.
With this trio they have so far released 3 promo CD and you can find all the songs and videos from their website. Enjoy before it's too late.

Death on Demand was originally started in October 2009 by Lee, Phil & Locker. Locker left shortly after to follow another path but returned in 2011 to take up his original spot on the drum kit. 
Musically, the band is influenced by the heavier and darker side of metal, from early Paradise lost through to Nile. All forms of extreme metal, death and black, will no doubt surface within the bands sound. 
The name Death On Demand came about due to the digital decaying age we now live in. 

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