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News from Naturmacht Productions

Anamnesi - "Anamnesi" out now!

The powerful and complex debut of the italian one-man-project Anamnesi. Harsh and fast black metal combined with dark ambient intermezzo and acoustic interludes.

From its lyrics and mental background "Anamnesi" is a dark journey to the big mistakes of the human spicies in the past.

1. Anima Al Fronte
2. Ombre
3. La Via Degri Eserciti
4. Ora...è Sempre (L'Immortale)
5. 1919
6. Orizzonte Del Pensiero
7. Attesa Rinascita
8. Le Ali Della Trascendenza
9. Accompagnato Dagli Spiriti
10. Legionari Dell' Orsa Maggiore
11. Outro

Total playtime: 49:25

Blaze of Sorrow News
The 2nd album of Blaze of Sorrow will be released at the 25.01.2011. It will come as a normal 12 paged CD and as a 2 CD Limited Edition in a DVD Case containing "Eterno Tramonto" and the first opus "L'Ultimo
Watch now the Layout Preview Video of the normal version:

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