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News from Naturmacht Productions
I. Astoroth - "Earthly Welking" out now!

Astoroth - "Earthly Welking"

Earthly Welking" is a sonic ritual consisting of seven songs of morbid beauty.
It is an ode to the overwhelming power of death and all that is pristine and untamed.
Evoking visions of vast fields and evening woods, the debut album is best listened to alone and through headphones.

II. Atrium Noctis review

III. Tattered Soul
a) New video
from the 18.3.2011 @ the Blackland Berlin w/ Succubus & Arbor Ira
Check out the "Media" section at the TS homepage or youtube channel!

b) New gig
21.05.2011 - w/ Abendland, Blutnebel - Blackland Berlin - tickets/infos

IV. New Distro Items
a) CDs
A Dream of Poe - "The Mirror of Deliverance" 10.00€
Beyond Helvete - "Self Therapy" 10.00€
Dammerung - "Dark Poetry" 10.00€
Deadman - "Spirito di Pietra" 10.00€
Insaniae - "Imperfeições Da Mão Humana" 10.00€
Lunar Aurora - "Andacht" 10.00€
Necromayhem - "Expiation" 6.00€

b) Free downloads
Tendalied - "From a cold Winter into blooming Spring"
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