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News from Unearthly

It is with great sorrow that both the band and label are forced to announce that Unearthly will not be headlining at the Whiplash Festival in Brisbane, Australia. There are a few reasons for this, including the high price of plane tickets and the bands inability to get the proper paperwork done in time. Unearthly were in Poland during the scheduling and they were left with no time to get to the proper legal entities to get their traveling paperwork. Unearthly obviously plans on playing Australia in the future because the demand for them is high. They will be making their way there during their international tour which kicks off in 2012.
As for their highly anticipated new album, 'Flagellum Dei', it is quickly on it's way and is due to be released this fall. It is already in the final stage of mixing, and some advanced tracks should be released this coming week. ‘Flagellum Dei' was recorded at the infamous Hertz Studio in Poland, with Wojtek Slawek Wieslawski (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Dies Irae). The album will feature booklet artwork by Brazilian artist Marcelo E Cissa, better known for his work on releases from Borknagar, Keep of Kalessin, Dimmu Borgir, Death Tyrant, Necrophagist, Malevolent Creation, Gorgoroth, Impious, Enslaved and countless others. Most notably, 'Flagellum Dei' will feature the death metal legend Steven Tucker, the former singer of Morbid Angel. He takes the microphone and lays down his amazing vocal talent on 'Osmotic Haeretic', one of the ten soul crushing, more metal then titanium tracks on this album.
Steven Tucker is well known in the death metal scene for his vocals on Morbid Angels albums 'Formulas Fatal to the Flesh' (1998), 'Gateways to Annihilation' (2000) and 'Heretic' (2003), but many people don't know about his time spent in the thrash influenced band Ceremony. Ceremony released a demo in 1992, and it was this demo that opened the door for him to do vocals for Morbid Angel. After leaving Morbid Angel, Steven Tucker teamed up with fellow former Ceremony member Greg Reed to form the band Undercurrent. Currently Steven Tucker is playing with Nader Sadek with Rune Eriksen (guitar) and Flo Mounier (drums). The collaboration of Steven Tucker and Unearthly had been talked about for a while, and now in 2010 has finally come to fruition. As Unearthly's bass player M. Mictian said, "I used to talk with him about this for a while now. And now it was possible to archive."
In other news, Unearthly's 'Age of Chaos' album released by ATMOSTFEAR ENTERTAINMENT last April, the same label that is releasing the upcoming 'Flagellum Dei', will be revamped. The re release will feature a slightly different booklet and include two bonus live songs. This comes after suggestions came through to the label to differentiate the release from the Brazilian edition, and they're now working harder toward promotion and wider distribution. Label founder Alex de Borba stated "There has been some relevant and permanent confusion in regards to the 'Age of Chaos' release by our label. Some stores dropped distribution, others refused, and many still have stock in the Brazilian edition. Not to mention that online distribution services such as Amazon wrongly tagged the CD as CDR because they already had the same product for sale and did that to differentiate the release. It is in my best interest, and the labels, to provide the best distribution possible for a release so it was only natural to change 'Age of Chaos' somehow to make it worthy. Having this in mind, being a young label, we will reissue 'Age of Chaos' and we already decided to sign a major deal with a music distribution company that will make it into over 400 music stores worldwide."
Both 'Age of Chaos' and 'Flagellum Dei' will be released on both digipack and vinyl editions in early 2012 worldwide.

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