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Noisehead Records announce new release and signing

After the great outcome of "Daemonicus Awakening", the last album (2009) of  the grandiose portuguese death/blackmetalband THE SPEKTRUM, engraved, zouza and dyrion started a new game in early 2010 and composed 13 new tracks  for a new album. „REGRET OF THE GODS" is produced by Magnus „Devo" Andersson at Endarker Studio in Sweden and will be released on april 8, 2011 on Noisehead Records.  A goody for all fans of mystic and dark music!

1. Dysangelium
2. Walking Among Your Gods     
3. Diatharana Thoron (The Seeds of Immortality)
4. Visions Of Insanity
5. …and Darkness Falls
6. Nephelas (The Abyss Of mankind)
7. Spiritus Noctum
8. Unveiling The Abyss
9. Doomthrone
10. Between Eternities
11. Aeterna Veritas
12. The Day I Closed My Eyes
13. Atropos
Total Length: 60:12

The melodic death metal band Blasphemist was founded by Lukas Rappitsch in early 2006. In the first years called Zodiac the band insists of Stefan Rindler and Moritz Pollinger on the microphone, Alex Lackner and Christopher Schweinzer on the guitars, Lukas Rappitsch on the bass and Lukas Venus on the drumset. After the first year of touring as support for bands like The Sorrow or Perishing Mankind, Zodiac decided to record the first EP/Demo, which was published under the title "A Trip To The Dark Side” in late summer 2007. In the same Winter Christopher Schweinzer left the band and Michael Iber joined on the Guitar. In the next year Zodiac supported Bands like Morda, Bridge To Solace, Emil Bulls and Mashine Made God. With a huge program and a lot of very new Songs Zodiac decided to enter the Studio again to record their debut album and a promoting single. The single "Thirteen” was never released, but the album achieved much more success. "Dwelling Spread Of Darkness” contained thirteen songs and was recorded in two studios in Graz. One of these Songs was reinforced by the talented female singer Sarah Alina and the CDs were embraced by a fantastic artwork by well-known Alex Trinkl. After the Production some more shows with or instance Artas, In Slumber and Lost Dreams. In August 2010 Lukas Venus left the band and Florian Plochel joined to take his place as a drummer.  In January 2011 Noisehead Records provided a deal to the young band. On this occasion Zodiac changed the name of the Band to Blasphemist. Their cooperation begun in March of the same year together with the preparation for a second full-length Album which will be recorded in August and released in November 2011.

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