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NOKTURNEL announce new drummer

From Tom Stevens:

After Nokturnel's performance at A Day of Death drummer Matt Francis was unable to commit to the band for understandable reasons forcing us to cancel a show. This pissed me off as I did not bring this band back to the stage to be canceling anything. We were privileged enough to get on a few great shows and I was becoming completely fed up with the drummer situation as The Goregrowlers Ball is coming up.
Growing tired of being pissed off with everything...I was ready to end Nokturnel. I called promoter Aaron Mendiola with the news I may have to cancel when he suggested I contact my old friend Alex Marquez. I have known Alex since the mid 90s. We'd been out of touch for years and we were both stoked to get back in touch. I really needed a friend I could count on and Alex's enthusiasm is something I have sorely missed. I personally am very happy with what I have achieved with Nokturnel in recent years and all I can do is continue pushing to get myself to the next level. I am looking forward to getting together with Alex and of course playing for dozens of friends in so many other great bands at the Ball in a few weeks. I can see Alex and I creating some new music that will have all the ripping trademarks of Nokturnel as well as the potential to make the fastest music I have ever composed.
Alex is also playing for Sargon and Solstice both bands are also playing the Goregrowlers Ball. Alex commented: "Man its gonna be killer workin with my old friend Tom and Nokturnel..... This is gonna be sick!! I'm honored for the invite and will put my heart into it as I always do!!!"
The entire weekend of the Goregrowlers Ball is going to be incredible. Nokturnel plays on Friday. Look at this line up! EXHUMED, GOATWHORE, IMPIETY, SOLSTICE, NOKTURNEL, HELLWITCH, GRAVEHILL, PUTRID PILE, NOISEAR, HAVOK, SARGON, ENABLER, UNCLEANSED, VAGINAL BEAR TRAP, EMPERIAL MASSACRE, and many more! Fest web site http://goregrowlersballfest.com/
Bringing Alex in as the drummer for Nokturnel has turned everything around for me. We have much to look forward to but my priority for now is this Fest. I don't give a fuck what country you are in... you need to get your ass to Texas and let it rip with Nokturnel, 49 other bands, and 1000 maniacs! Welcome aboard Alex!!!!

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