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Nykta Records announce new releases

WARGRINDER The seal of genocide CD 2012 (NYKTA 038)
Extreme Black/Death Abomination signed by Warhead (Crucifiction, Perdition Temple, Angelcorpse, Naer Mataron…) 13 commands for annihilation with merciless hunger. WARGRINDER plays old school Black/Death Metal, with hammering drums, guitarleads and tempobreaks all the way, in praise of discipline and chaos glorification. In a word: Massacre!

An hour of deeply emotional vibes with acoustic parts and abstract electricism… GRAVSORG (Den) recorded 5 new hymns to depression and decay, with sharp melodies and grieving vocals. DISPERSED ASHES (Ger) is the artistic expression of painter and photographer Mark Thompson: Heavy Doom Blackness embraced by thick melancholy and bleak lamentations.

WARGRINDER - Hollow Grace (Nykta 2012) de nykta

GRAVSORG - Preferred Exit Pt. III (Nykta 2012) de nykta
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