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October 2016 Update

Blitz Quitz interview with German Epic Metallers ANTYRA



Blitz Quitz interview with US based Heavy Metal band BRUTE FORCZ



Blitz Quitz interview with Swiss Death Metallers CARNAL DECAY



Blitz Quitz interview with Canada based Melodic Death Metal band CHARIOTS OF THE GODS



Blitz Quitz interview with Albanian Metallers CROSSBONES



Blitz Quitz interview with French Progressive Thrash Metal band EYESTRAL



Blitz Quitz interview with German Industrial Metal act FILTH PIG



Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Thrash Metallers ILLYRIAN



Blitz Quitz interview with Serbian Power Metal band NUMENOR



Blitz Quitz interview with Finnish Industrial Metal band PROJECT SILENCE



Blitz Quitz interview with Russian Pagan Metal band STOZHAR



Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Progressive Metal band TACTUS



Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Rock Metal band THE KREOLES



Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Progressive Metal band VIRTUAL SYMMETRY



Swedish Death Grinders AJATUS present us their latest release, the Blood 666 album



New reviews published HERE:

7th Abyss - Unvoiced
ADX - Non Serviam
Aedh - Au-delà des cendres
Ancient Obscurity - Luonnon loputon laulu
Asgrauw - Krater
Blackcore - Ulfhedinn
Blakulla - The Immortal Cult
Carnage Inc. - Fury Incarnate
Chaosbaphomet - Promethean Black Flame
Children of Seraph - Warriors of Light
Deathfucker - Fuck the Trinity
Edward Helsing - All the Way Diabolic
Eggther - Volume Null
Enfeeble - Momentum of Tranquility
From The Vastland - Chamrosh
Giordano Boncompagni - New Shred Generation
Hermodr - A Place of Eternal Twilight / Carved in Ice
Infant Death - Violent Rites
Infernal Diatribe - Videha Mukti
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus - Immaculate Deconception
Nogrod - Abstruce Dismal
Nordwitch - Mork Profeti
Numenor - Sword and Sorcery
Panopticon - Revisions of the Past
Penitence Onirique - V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
Sarastus - II - Toinen tuleminen
Serpent Spells - Mantras Within Ascending Fire
Stworz - Na trzy strony Slonca
Stworz - Zagony Bogow
Synlakross - Death Bullets for a Forajido
The Extinct Dreams - Fragmenty Viechnosti
The Legion Ghost - ...Two for Eternity
Wedrujacy Wiatr - Tam, gdzie miesiac oplakuje swit

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