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October update


Pest Webzine update:


Interview with US based Death Metal band ORDER OF THE DEAD


Interview with former THEATRES DES VAMPIRES guitarist Steph Benfante, now SHADOWTHRONE leader


Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Doom Black Metal act AEGORTON


Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Doom Black Metal act CHIRAL


Blitz Quitz interview with French Black Metallers ENDE


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Melodic Death Metal band EVERTRAPPED


Blitz Quitz interview with Russian Crossover Metal band GRENOUER


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Progressive Power Metal band MORTANIUS


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Groove Death Metallers SAINTS OF DEATH


Blitz Quitz interview with German Neofolk Atmospheric Black Metal band TEMPERS CREATURE


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Thrash Death Metallers VANTABLACK WARSHIP


Blitz Quitz interview with German Thrash Metallers WARFIELD


UK based Black Doom Metal act AEGORTON presenting its lastest demo, Plaguelord


German Black Metal band CARN DUM presenting their debut album, selftitled


Finland based Melodic Black Death Metal band CORAXO talking about their debut album, Neptune


Hungary based Thrash Black Metal one man band EVIL CONQUEROR talking about its latest album, Carnage


Canadian Thrash Black Death Metal one man band HAIDUK talking about its latest album Demonicon


US based Progressive Power Metal band MORTANIUS presenting their latest EP, Savage Garden


Greece based one man Grindcore band PIGSKINNER talking about its debut album, Leech


German Thrash Metal band SPEEDWHORE present us their debut album, The Future is Now


German Neofolk Atmospheric Black Metal band TEMPERS CREATURE present us their latest album, Si Vis Vitam, Para Mortem


Uruguay based Gothich Black Metal band UPON SHADOWS talking about their latest album, Between the Southern Cross & the Northern Star


US based Thrash Metallers VIOLENT REVOLUTION present us their demo, Damaged Society


US based Ambient Black Metal act WHEN BITTER SPRING SLEEPS present us their latest album, Spirit in Flames


New reviews published HERE:

Aegorton - Plaguelord
Agathocles / Disorder - Split
Aphyxion - Earth Entangled
Ars Irae - Dunkle Klange
Astarium - Nekrocosmo Nocturnal Kali Yuga
Astarium - Winter Growths (Part II)
Atavisma / Maur - Buried in the Ethereal
Avitum - MMXIV
Butcher ABC - Road to Hell
Chabtan - The Kiss of Coatlicue
Dark Managarm - A Decade of Terroreign
Death Dies - Legione
Deformity - Endless Atrocity
Deluge - Aether
Desert Crone - Distorted Solitude
Distruzione - Distruzione
Dryom - 2
Either Way - Behind the Light
Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma - Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma
Gribberiket - Knefall
Grotesque Organ Defilement - Body Horror
Helegion - Helegion Ritualis
I Chaos - Masterbleeder
Insepulto - Morbid Spawn of Resurrection
Jolly Joker - Here Come... the Jokers!!
Kratherion - Death Kult Church Omega
Lambs - Betrayed From Birth
Maieutiste - Maieutiste
Mario Gronnert / Mondfish - In Two Seas
Martelo Negro - Antologia Grotesca MMVI​-​MMXII
Memento Waltz - Division by Zero
Mentally Defiled - Aptitude for Elimination
Moonreich - Pillars of Detest
Morthus - Into Oblivion
Negacy - Flames of Black Fire
Ossuaire - Le Troubadour Necrophageophile
P.L.F. - Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration
Placenta - XV Greatest Hits
Psicorragia - Presagios de Agonía
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber - Exile
Regicide - Fall of an Empire
Ressurecturis - Nazienda
Savage Wizdom - A New Beginning
Skvara - Carpathian Pagan Terror
Sordide - La France a peur
Stormy Atmosphere - Pent Letters
Styggelse - No Return
Terrordome - We'll Show You Bosch, Mitch!
The Kill - Speed Freak Killer
Thermit - Encephalopathy
Turbocharged - Militant
Under the Ocean - Dark Waters
Vardis - 200 M.P.H
Wheelfall - Glasrew Point
Zaklon - The destroyed greatness


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