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Outrage signed with Metal On Metal Records


OUTRAGE from Pforzheim, Germany are finishing the work on their new album entitled "Go To Hell" consisting of 12 songs from their early days. 
The band was formed in 1983 and belonged to the first wave of black metal (even though black/thrash with some elements of doom and death metal would be a more accurate description of their style), however they have been under the radar for many years, remaining one of the most obscure bands in this genre, in spite of releasing 4 demos in the '80s and putting out 6 CDs after the reunion in 2004. 

Earlier this year OUTRAGE signed with Metal On Metal Records, whose owner has been a long-time fan of the band. Now, back with the original vocalist Frank P. "The Voice of Hell", they decided to re-record some of their early songs. The original plans looked quite different though... 
Commented guitarist and band's founder Udo F. "The Bringer of Doom":
"It was on the 13th of December 2010, on the 283rd band rehearsal since our reunion in 2004, when we decided to call it quits and play our last concert on the 26th of February 2011. On the 5th of February 2011 I got an e-mail from Italy... Jowita was her name and she was writing to order all OUTRAGE stuff... What shall I say? She was also from a label, Metal On Metal Records... What started as a "fan-band” contact quickly developed into a "label-band” relationship. What a perfect timing, as we were planning to play our final show! What a great luck... it's incredible!"  

OUTRAGE started recording the new album scheduled for late October release, "Go To Hell" on May 7th, which is precisely 28 years after the band's inception. They have remained true to their roots and old school way of recording: live drums without triggers, old guitar equipment (original distortion effect and Marshall amp, as well as the guitar itself from the early '80s), no modern day techniques. The vocals have been recorded in the beginning of this week and now only mixing and mastering remains. You can expect some authentic, raw and ripping old school black/thrash in the vein of HELLHAMMER, VENOM, early CELTIC FROST and SODOM. 

Meanwhile several songs taken from their earlier post-reformation albums (some of them are however written still in the '80s) can be heard from the band's MySpace page (www.myspace.com/outragepforzheim) where you can also read the history of OUTRAGE

OUTRAGE @ MySpace: www.myspace.com/outragepforzheim
OUTRAGE @ Metal On Metal Records: www.metal-on-metal.com/outrage.html
OUTRAGE official homepage: www.outrage-band.net

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