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Pest Webzine update

Pest Webzine update:


Interview with French outstanding outfit 6:33

Interview with mysterious Death Metal band UNDEAD

Vintage interview with Dietmar Orlitta ex-member of German Heavy Metallers GRAVESTONE

Interview with US Heavy Metallers NIGHT DEMON

Blitz Quitz interview with Electronic Death Metal one-man-project SYNTHEZOID from Romania

Blitz Quitz interview with US Brutal Slam Death Grind band DYSENTERY

Blitz Quitz interview with Brazilian Death Metal act KRUEGER

Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Blackened Thrash Metallers DISFAGO

Blitz Quitz interview with US based Metal Hardcore band SURVIVAL

Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Modern Thrash Metal band DESIGNS OF CHAOS

Blitz Quitz interview with Depressive Black Metal act DEADSPACE from Australia

Interview with DYSENTERY about their new album, Fragments

Interview with HILLBILLY REVENGE about their new Split, Hillbilly Slaughter

Interview with RED ROOM ENSEMBLE about their self-titled debut album

Interview with Russia based DISTANT SUN about their debut album, Dark Matter

Interview with ISENMOR about their most recent EP, Land of the Setting Sun

Interview with Austrian band THINE about their newest demo, Demo 2015

New reviews published HERE:

Agathocles - The LP's 1989 - 1993
All I Could Bleed - Burying the Past
Atra Hora - Via Combusta
Bonecracker - Flaws
Bulletsize - Numb
Chronic Infect / Spun in Darkness - Sickness Misery and Evoked Doom
Disolvo Animvs - Aphesis
Drudensang - Prinzipien der Grausamkeit
Fhoi Myore / Wyrms - Les Limbes Pourpres  Mehxôhorr - Les IV Dimensions Cosmogoniques
Foscor - Those Horrors Wither
Lost Conception - Paroxysm of Despair
Mantra - Into the Light
Martin Beck's Induction - Far Beyond the Horizon
Necro Nihilist Nausea - Six Feet Over Your Body
Necroheresy - Divine Betrayal
Necrotic Effect - Black Box
Path of Desolation - Soaked Jester
Regiment - One les Aura
Reino Ermitano - Conjuros de poder
Sangdragon - Requiem for Apocalypse
Stillbirth - Global Error
The Anal Treatment Xxxperience / Aceptic Goitre - Gangrenous Mass from Axe & Hook Ejaculation
The Outside - Dawn of the Deaf
Ulfberht - L'aube d'une nouvelle ère
Who Dies in Siberian Slush / My Shameful - The Symmetry of Grief
Zardens - Blackness Unfolds

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