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Pest Webzine update

Pest Webzine update:


Interview with Greek Black Metallers ABYSSGALE


Vintage interview with 80's US Heavy Metal band COMMANDER


Interview with Norway based Black Metallers ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD


Interview with Canadian Thrash Metallers REANIMATOR


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Metallers ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN


Blitz Quitz interview with Switzerland based Old-School Thrash Metallers COMANIAC


Blitz Quitz interview with Greek Black Metallers HUMAN SERPENT


Blitz Quitz interview with Canada based Melodic Groove Death Metal band LEAVE THE LIVING


Blitz Quitz interview with Greek Atheist Black Metallers MONASTERY DESECRATION


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Progressive Groove Metallers MY HOLLOW


Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Doom Death Metallers MY SILENT WAKE


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Epic Orchestral Death Metal band VESPERIA


Serbian Melodic Death Metallers ANGUISH SUBLIME present us their new EP, Thornwinged


German Blackened Death Metallers ARS IRAE talk about their new album, Dunkle Klange


US based Crossover Thrash Metal band ELECTRIC VENGEANCE present us their debut album, Manic Possession


Denmark based Melodic Progressive Death Metallers KILLING GANDHI talk about their debut album, Cinematic Parallels


Canada based Progressive Groove Metallers MY HOLLOW present us their debut album, On Borrowed Time


Serbian Crossover Thrash Metallers NADIMAC present us their new album, Manifest Protiv Sudbine


Greek Old-School Thrash Metallers NIGHTBREED present us their self-titled debut album


New reviews published HERE:

Active Stenosis - Succumbed to Infection
Axolotl - Voices of Luna
Azurica - Warriors Don't Die
Black Velvet Band - Pieśni Obłąkane
Bleak Revelation - Afflictive Seclusion
Congiura - iBlood
Corpsia - Order from Chaos
Dark Mirror ov Tragedy - The Lunatic Chapters of Heavenly Creatures
Deformity - Obsessed with Death
Demoncy - Joined in Darkness
Demonic Obedience - Morbid Supremacy of Evil
Diablerets - I
Die - Close Friend of Death  Алкоголь превратим мы в маачу
Doomed - Wrath Monolith
Embrional - The Devil Inside
Evil - Studňa
Expenzer - Kill the Conductor
Fragile Existence - Cataclysms and Beginnings
Gmork - Ave Nihil
Grey Season - Invidia
Groundless - Adrenaline
Hautakammio - Pimeyden valtakunta
Hellcharge - Necronoise
Helloween - My God-Given Right
Hrafnblod - Fall to Ruins
Katachthon - Katachthon
Luna - On the Other Side of Life
Manntra - Venera
Mask of Satan - Promo 2015
Mizantropia - Oblivion
Myhrding - Nordens morkaste kapitel
Mystical - Infernalis Creatura
Nachtschatten - Prolog
Neverendinghate - La Caída de los Ídolos
Norman Shores - Le tombeau de brume
Obscurite - Contemplation
Oraculum - Sorcery Of The Damned
Orizen - Of Life, Death & Salvation
Outre - Ghost Chants
Pandorium - The Human Art of Depression
Percival Schuttenbach - Mniejsze Zło
Rasha'Im - An Invocation
Revelation - Consciousness
Sortilegia - Arcane Death Ritual
Speedemon - First Blood
Spellbound - Nothing by the Truth
Svilen Konac Project - Demokratija
Throne of Evil - Muerte por creencias
Thy Flesh - Thymiama Mannan
Trigger - Under Hypnosis
Veer - 27
Vein of Hate - Dualist
Villainy - Demo 2011 / Demo 2012
Voltumna - Disciplina Etrusca

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