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Pest Webzine update: interviews, reviews, new releases presented

Pest Webzine update:


Vilcin interviewed the promising Polish Folk Death Metallers NETHERFELL


Blitz Quitz interview with Slovakian Progressive Extreme Metallers HOLOTROPIC


Finnish Blackened Death Metallers APOCRYFAL present us their newest EP, Aberration of Mind


German Black Metallers ZNAFELRIFF talk about their newest EP, Ruin


30 new reviews published HERE:

Abate Macabro - Acougueiro Brutal Black Metal
Abnormal Sickness - Lepiej Idz Nazbierac Patykow
Aeons of Ashes - Shutdown
Anarkhon - Welcome to the Gore Show
Angerman - No Tears for the Devil
Black Therapy - The Final Outcome
Breakdust - Baleful World
Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae
Darkenhold - Castellum
De Profundis - Frequencies
Deconstructing Sequence - Access Code
Djevelkult - I Djevelens Tegn
Dragonsfire - Metal X
Embalming Theatre - No Grind for Old Men
Father Merrin - All Is Well That Ends in Hell
Fright Night - Life Eternal
Gmork - Death Spells Erotica
Helevorn - Compassion Forlorn
Latitude Egress - To Take Up the Cross
Morzhol - MMXI
Nebula VII - Dawn Of A New Era
Order to Ruin - The Path to Atrocity
Pulvis et Umbra - Implosion of Pain
Repulsor - Trapped in a Nightmare
Sarkrista / Unhuman Disease - Those Who Preach Perdition
Sorghegard - Holocaust of the Holy
Sxuperion - Through Cosmic Corridors
Thaw - Earth Ground
Usurpress - Ordained
Zombie Attack - Through the Circles of Hell


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