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Primordial unveil lyrical concept of upcoming album

PRIMORDIAL's A.A. Nemtheanga talks lyrical concept of new album 'Redemption At The Puritan's Hand'!
Irish pagan metal masters PRIMORDIAL will release their long anticipated new album Redemption At The Puritan's Hand April 23/26 via Metal Blade Records in Europe, April 26 in North America!

Singer A.A. Nemtheanga reveals the lyrical concept behind Redemption At The Puritan's Hand:"The themes have altered and changed a little. Again there could be a loose concept between some of the songs if you went looking for it as with most of the albums but they don’t all step in line. This is what I concocted to try and explain it all. If I had to sum this album up I would say this is the 'death' album. There isn't exactly a whole concept but many of the themes deal with mortality, how we deal with it. The spiritual structures we place around us to make sense of it. Sex, death, procreation and god. As we get older our relationship to our lives changes, the realization you will not live forever, the grand plan you hoped to uncover never materializes, food for worms and nothing more.

We are animals, beasts and making peace with that beast might be your life's work but more often than not he is never tamed.

Once a wolf always a wolf. We all seek redemption in one way or another, from lies or from truth. This is one of the central themes as you can tell from the title. How we seek redemption from our lies, from the evil that is at the heart of men. Forgiveness, salvation and redemption.

"When the shadow fell upon me
I knew I was running with the wolf
And it was his eyes I saw staring back
And this I learnt and this I know
You cannot escape the beast when you wear his mark"

Those of us who are godless or faithless often envy the man of faith for his life seems to have an extra purpose, despite the fact that logic, pragmatism, science and realism should crush any sign of faith we still persist in lying to ourselves. Perhaps the alternative is too much to bear. So the themes of religion, mortality and death occur over and over again, along with continuing themes of alienation, martyrdom, sacrifice, violence and retribution. Occasionally, very occasionally a chink of light breaks through."

Surf over to PRIMORDIAL's landing page at http://www.metalblade.com/primordial where you can stream Bloodied Yet Unbowed, the first single off Redemption At The Puritan's Hand due April 23/26 via Metal Blade Records in Europe. Check also the pre-order options including the Digipak (including a bonus-dvd), the jewelcase cd, the vinyl and a bundle including the Digipak and a T-Shirt!

Tracklisting Redemption At The Puritan's Hand
1. No Grave Deep Enough
2. Lain With The Wolf
3. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
4. God´s Old Snake
5. The Mouth Of Judas
6. The Black Hundred
7. The Puritan´s Hand
8. Death Of The Gods

PRIMORDIAL have also announced two release shows in Essen and München, Germany. The shows will take place on the weekend of release of their new album Redemption At The Puritan's Hand due April 23/26 via Metal Blade Records in Europe! Support comes from German Black Metallers TODTGELICHTER!

23/04/11 – DE – Essen – Turock (special release show!)
24/04/11 – DE – München – Backstage (special release show!)

To make these two nights not just shows but PRIMORDIAL events celebrating the unleashing of the new album, there will be a couple of extras only available on these two nights! Surely something you don´t want to miss out and nights to be remembered!

• low ticket prices (12 Euro pre-sale; 15 Euro box office)
• Redemption At The Puritan's Hand CD + LP available for purchase at show
• exclusive free A1 poster with every purchase of new CD/LP
• signing session and meet & greet with all band members
• special release show merchandise available only at these two shows

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