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Pulverised Records announce new and upcoming releases
Pulverised Records Presents: MORBUS CHRON, IRON LAMB and NECROVOROUS

MORBUS CHRON - Sleepers In The Rift
September 27, 2011
From the swamplands of Sweden comes MORBUS CHRON and with their latest offering of audio filth, Sleepers In The Rift. A throwback to crude, early '90s death metal, the hellions from MORBUS CHRON rekindle the vital atmosphere of this genre. prepare to be gut-fucked. Sleepers In The Rift was produced by Nicke Andersson (ex-Entombed) and features artwork by Spanish fantasy/horror artist Raul Gonzales (Deceased, Abraxas, etc.). Sleepers In The Rift will prove to be one of the finest hours in blistering, old school death metal; the mortuary is now open and no corpse shall be spared!

IRON LAMB - The Original Sin
September 27, 2011
Swedish rock 'n' roll punks IRON LAMB,  the band featuring within their gritty ranks metal veterans Johan Wallin (General Surgery, Scurvy, Bombstrike, ex-Repugnant), Grga Lindström (ex-Repugnant), Thomas Daun (Dismember, ex-Repugnant, ex-Insision) and Daniel Ekeroth (Tyrant, ex-Insision, ex-Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal) -- are readying to unleash their debut full-length entitled The Original Sin.
The record features 10 tracks, including a cover of "Poison" by Motorhead, and artwork/layout by Lindström and Watain's Erik Danielsson of Trident Arts.

NECROVOROUS - Funeral For The Sane
Out Now!
Malignant Greek death metallers, NECROVOROUS, unleash a viral slab of foulness with their sickening debut, Funeral For The Sane. Disgustingly brilliant, the record captures the undeniable vibe of the early '90s death metal style with doom-laden overtones. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Feedback Studios by Harry Zourelides with cover artwork by Danille Gauvin of Cranium Illustrations.

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