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Pulverised Records signed BOMBS OF HADES
Swedish Deathcrust Metallers BOMBS OF HADES is now officially the latest addition into the Pulverised Records roster!

Originally spawned in 2002 as a more crust / punk-inspired band, BOMBS OF HADES very quickly mutated more into an ugly old-school Swedish Death Metal direction, while still retaining a strong D-Beat / Crust vibe, giving BOMB OF HADES an untouchable unique sound.

Fronted by singer cum six-stringer Jonas Stålhammar (ex-God Macabre, ex-Utumno, etc), who recently served a short stint with legendary Swedish Thrashers The Crown; the band is now geared up for the second full-length album entitled "A Serpent's Redemption" and a 2012 release is to be expected. 

Commented BOMBS OF HADES frontman Jonas Stålhammar: "Bombs Of Hades are psyched to have the next album released through Pulverised. Our 2nd album "A Serpent's Redemption" will satisfy the starved souls for Old School Death Metal and will be unleashed before the Summer of 2012."

Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin added: "BOMBS OF HADES was one band that we had noticed within our radar for some time now, and finally we thought it was about time to seize the opportunity to grab them for a brand new record. To further confirm that our gut feeling was right about BOMBS OF HADES, our good old friend Ayong (ex-founder of Pulverised Records) coincidentally recommended the band and he strongly insisted that we had to get BOMBS OF HADES on our roster by hook or by crook! Having spent the entire year of 2011 with three Split singles and an EP, we are now absolutely sure that the timing is perfect for BOMBS OF HADES to do a second full-length album. Expect nothing but a full-blown Death Metal abomination!"


Jonas Stålhammar - Vocals / Guitar
P-O Söderback - Guitar
Magnus Forsberg - Drums
Anders Ekman - Bass

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