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PUTREFIED set to release new album
PUTRIFIED NEUROTIC NECROTIC CD (Hellthrasher Productions, 2012)

All music & lyrics by: A.Death
All instruments & vocals by: A.Death
Produced, recorded & mixed by: A.Death
Recorded in Mind The Gap Studios November - December 2010.
Additional recordings throughout January - February 2011.
Mastered by: Emp-T (Producer of Infuneral's - Sepulchral Monument)
Frontcover artwork by: Grave (Infuneral, Ondskapt)
Layout & additional artwork by: A.Death

Neurotic Necrotic // They Speak // Behold The Butchered // Havoc // A Chamber Beneath // The Flesh Of God // Temple Of Vomit // Await The Slaughter // The Arrival // Monolith // The Land Of The Pharaohs // These Forsaken Lands // The Return Of Ashes // Playing Time: 33:49 min

The story behind „Neurotic Necrotic” (narrated by A. Death):
„The album is something as pretentious as a concept album in the Sense that the lyrics tells a story rather than just the regular gore stuff That the lyrics dealt with on the first album "Spawn Of The Dead". No Worries though, it ain't a rockopera, the music is Putrified's form of Necrotic Metal Of Death & Decay as always. Anyway, the story tells of a man who starts to hear voices he cannot See. They tell him things and he can't make them stop and starts to dig Up graves from where the voices come. In an attempt to make the Voices stop he injects the dead with various fluids that make them Come alive. Hence the title "Neurotic Necrotic", then the dead starts to Walk and try to make their way home to the land of the pharoes etc. The story is very loosely based on the HP Lovecraft stories Herbert West - Reanimator and Under The Pyramids. Even if the story is something That has been worked on it really is the music and songs that are the Most important thing. I think these songs are much stronger as an Album than "Spawn Of The Dead", the songs form a strong entity. Putrified's sound has expanded and new things are incorporated, this Material is more focused on groove and catchy riffs than the first one.”

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