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RITUAL NECROMANCY released debut album
Dark Descent to Release Ritual Necromancy's Oath of the Abyss on November 15th

Following a vicious four-track demo; Portland's Ritual Necromancy began the groundwork for their full-length, Oath of the Abyss.  Early on it was quite evident that Ritual Necromancy wasn't the type of band that was going to lift the spirits of the listener with easy going music.  The eerie cover art for Oath of the Abyss, created by Josh McAlear, is an early indication of the type of punishing treat the recipient shall receive.  With no compromise, Oath of the Abyss is a murky and sinister debut that delivers exhausting and suffocating death metal in spades.   Eight tracks; thirty-eight minutes - Oath of the Abyss  is a reminder that beneath metal's crusty exterior lies hidden gems that still can be uncovered if a listener is willing to look hard enough. The world's foremost supplier of underground death metal, Dark Descent Records, has released Oath of the Abyss on digipak CD. Ordering info is available here. Vinyl treatment will come courtesy of Parasitic Records. Ritual Necromancy has also announced a series of live dates set for this winter, including an appearance at the Rites of Darkness Fest in San Antonio, TX.

Cacophonic Dementia
The Chasm
Desecrated Omnipresence
Consummating Crypts of Eternity
Oath of the Abyss

West Coast Tour w/ Impetuous Ritual & Grave Upheaval
Nov 29th - Seattle, WA @ Club M w/ Drawn and Quartered
Nov 30th - Portland, OR @ Plan B w/ Knelt Rote and Shroud of the Heretic
Dec 2nd - Oakland, CA @ Eli's Bar w/ Dispirit, Vastum
Dec 3rd - Los Angeles, CA @ The Five Stars Bar w/ Execution, Demonslaught, Old Coven
Dec 4th - Las Vegas, NV @ Boomers Bar w/ Ruminations
Dec 5th - Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room w/ TBA
Dec 7th - El Paso, TX @ Lips Lounge w/ Mournful Congregation, Aldebaran, Anhedonist, Obeisance
Dec 8th - 11th - San Antonio, TX - Rites of Darkness Fest  

Tour w/ Cruciamentum (UK) & Anhedonist

 Dec 12th - Austin, TX @Mohawk w/Pallbearer, Mournful Congregation
 Dec 13th - El Paso, TX @TBA w/Nyogthaeblisz
 Dec 14th - Phoenix, AZ @TBA
Dec 15th - Los Angeles, CA @Mountain Bar w/TBA
 Dec 16th - San Francisco, CA @Elbo Room w/Acephalix, Dispirit
 Dec 17th - Oakland, CA @First Church of the Buzzard*
Dec 18th-  Arcata, CA*  
Dec 19th, - Portland OR*
* - Ritual Necromancy & Anhedonist only

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