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Ruins to re-release 2010 LP

Negative Existence will officially release Chambers Of Perversions from Germany's blackened speed metal heathens, RUINS on May 20th, 2011.  
Chambers of Perversion was originally released in 2010 as a 10" vinyl. The release was limited to 250 copies and sold out almost immediately. The record contained 8 songs of 'Black fucking speed metal' and a hellish rendering from well known metal artist Mark Riddick.   
RUINS captures the intensity of old Sodom with the viciousness of bands like Bestial Mockery and Toxic Holocaust. Aggressive drumming, extremely memorable and straight forward guitar riffs, and hellish raw throaty vocals complete the overall evil atmosphere. The final result is a nonstop headbang-a-thon sure to induce violence and blasphemous rage!

Chambers of Perversion
Slaves of the Undead
Primitive Evil
War in Heaven Part 4. (Megalomania)
Sodomy in Hell
Slutlust and Perversion
Perverting the Priest
Sperm of the Antichrist
RUINS' discography includes 2 Demos, 3 Splits, 2 Compilation CDs, 1 MLP and 1 full-length album.  The band's complete discography is as follows:
Baptised in the Name of Satan     Demo     2006      
Bloodstorms of Hell     Demo     2007  
Satanic Bitchpenetration     Full-length     2008      
Baptized in Hell     Compilation     2008      
Hellraging Hell Metal     Split     2009      
Front Beast / RUINS     Split     2010      
Chambers of Perversion     MLP     2010      
Towards the Altar     Split     2010

RUINS formed in early 2006 after the nocturnal recording of a 12-track demo entitled Baptised In The Name Of Satan. A second tape called Bloodstorms Of Hell passed the gates of hell in the following autumn. Since then, there have been several strikes of unholy terror and more are planned in the near future.  

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