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SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER seeking record label
Sacrificial Slaughter Seeking Record Label Offers for Next Album

Southern California death thrashers SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER are seeking a record label to release their next full-length album. In following up their split release with Oklahoma City's ENFUNERATION (American Death Thrash on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions), SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER intends to raise the bar higher in terms of composition, production, and overall sonic devastation. As such, the band seeks a label with an equally strong business presence on the world stage and that can take the veteran act to the next level.
SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER states in no uncertain terms that the search for a label to release the next full-length has nothing to do with any sort of dissatisfaction with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; quite the opposite in fact. The band is very pleased with the work that HPGD Productions' Mike Juliano has done and views the label as a great stepping stone. The decision is simply a case of the band wanting to move to the next level, but for the time being SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is happy to call HPGD Productions home.
With an established reputation for professionalism, a strong international tour history and an even stronger recorded output, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER is poised to invade new territories. And with the help of the right record label world domination will be within reach.  Interested labels can contact Steve Worley at sacrificial2000@gmail.com or clawhammerpr@gmail.com.

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER hail from Southern California and play pure American Death/Thrash Metal! After sharing the stage with bands such as Master, Pestilence and Vital Remains, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER increase the intensity and sheer essence of brutality with their five-song contribution. The new tracks are the first new SS material since 2009 release Spontaneous Suicide, which was released on Crash Music/EMI

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