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September update

Pest Webzine September update:


Interview with Italian Dark Metal veterans GRAVEWORM


Interview with Envenom from Peruvian Speed Black Metal band MORBID SLAUGHTER


Interview with Valder, leader of US based Black Metal band ONE MASTER


Interview with Hakan Stuvemark, founding member of Swedish Death Metal band WOMBBATH


Blitz Quitz with Swedish Old-School Doom Metal band BENEATH SLUMBER


Blitz Quitz interview with Norway based Technical Death Metallers DEFECT DESIGNER


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Traditional Metallers DOGBANE


Blitz Quitz interview with Chinese Nomadic Metal band EGO FALL


Blitz Quitz interview with Mexican Death Metallers EVILHEART


Blitz Quitz interview with Germany based Medieval Ambient project FORGOTTEN PATHWAYS


Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Sludge Rock Metal band MISSING LITTLE DAISY


Blitz Quitz interview with Finland based Old-School Death Metallers SHRAPNEL STORM


Blitz Quitz interview with Colombian Blackened Death Metal band SKULLTHRONE


Blitz Quitz interview with Ukraine based Atmospheric Black Metal band STRYVIGOR


Blitz Quitz interview with Mongolia based Folk Metallers TENGGER CAVALRY


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Epic Symphonic Death Metal band VESPERIA


Italian Black Metallers ASHES OF NOWHERE present us their debut full-length album, Emptiness


German Medieval Ambient project FORGOTTEN PATHWAYS present its debut album, A Long Way Home


Finland based Death Metallers SHRAPNEL STORM present us their debut album, Mother War


New reviews published HERE:

Anal Vomit - Peste negra, muerte negra
Anarchos - Descent into the Maelstrom
Archemoron - Sulphur and Fire
Archgoat - Whore of Bethlehem
Ashtar - Ilmasaari
Beth-Shemesh - The Last Chant of the White Wolf
Captain Cleanoff - Rising Terror
Concatenatus - Meditation Through the Inner Vortex
Dan Deagh Wealcan - Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones
Demonic Manifestation - World of Horror
Disthrone - Anti-System
Echo ov Desolation - Je serai ma chute
Elforg - Elforg
Emrevoid - Riverso
Fumes of Decay - Festering Abscess Fornication
Gathering Darkness / Tyrants Blood - The Light Won't Save You
Helligators - Road Roller Machine
If I Die Today - Cursed
Insane Attitude - Swarming in Decadence
Insepulto - The Necrodex
Insolitum - Infestus
Invoker - Aeon
Israthoum - Antru Kald
Kali Yuga - Kali Yuga
Killing Gandhi - Cinematic Parallels
Mad Parish - Procession
Necrotic Woods - The Nameless Dark
Omheten - Sjalv
Polarized - Western Hypnosis
Possession - 1585-1646
Radogost - Dziedzictwo Gór
Runika - Demo’15
Rusty Pacemaker - Ruins
Slowtorch - Serpente
Spasmodic - Mondo Illustrated
Torchia - Ending Beginning
Valdur - Pathetic Scum
V-Anger - In Shovel We Trust
Varang Nord - Fire of the North
Vargsang - In The Mist Of Night
Watch Out Stampede - Tides
Weltering in Blood - Rise of the Necronaut


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