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Solitude Productions announce upcoming releases


Ea as usual bring us something new. The album doesn’t sounds like first one or second, It sounds like fourth  . This time no pauses between tracks just a long 50 minutes monolith journey…

Evadne The Shortest Way

Evadne is a band from Spain who shows incredible growth with the second full length album. Very catchy, very well done album. One of the main candidates for the doom death album of the 2012! 

When Nothing RemainsAs All Torn Asunder

When Nothing Remains was formed in early 2010 by Peter Laustsen (Nox Aurea, The Cold Existence, Rimfrost) and Jan Sallander (The Cold Existence).
After writing music together in The Cold Existence for many years they wanted to try something new, darker and more experimental from ideas they both have for years. The result turned out to be very good after a couple of songs and they felt that this is something they really want to do.
Peter Laustsen felt that after his work with Nox Aurea he wanted to add something extra to this style of music and invited a couple of guest artists to patificate with clean vocals duties on some of the tracks. Johan Ericson was an obvius choice as Peter know him for years and he have very interessting ideas and feelings for this style of music. In middle 2011 first album "As All Torn Asunder” was recorded in Massive Assault studios and mixed/mastered in Dead Dog Farm studios with producer Johan Ericson (Draconian, Doom:VS, Shadowgarden) to get the perfect sound and feeling for the music. Release is sheduled for spring 2012 on Solitude Productions. As for Nox Aurea they once again used mastermind Zoltan Horvath to paint the artwork.

Obsidian SeaBetween Two Deserts

Obsidian Sea is the young Bulgarian band with the strong traditional doom metal roots. Higly recommended to all fans of classic epic doom genre. The powerful sound of the album also makes this recording interesting for the doom death fans.

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