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Solitude Productions announced new releases

Illuminate The Silence "Silverhoney" EP, Antropophobia "Scream In Emptiness" and Regul "Chambers Of Permafrost" are the final releases in our Art Of Silence series. Each CD in series includes a CD-R with professional printing, a booklet, a flyer and a hand-numbered certificate with unique copy number (edition is limited to 100 copies). It is packed in a mini-LP-sleeve of solid cardboard with original Art of Silence series appearance.

Regul "Chambers Of Permafrost"
release date - 04/07/2011

The new album of a Russian band presenting experiments in pagan black metal stylistics featuring ambient interludes and depressive black metal parts verging on black doom metal. Nevertheless the musicians are devoted to pagan ideology glorifying the severity and grandeur of Nordic Nature in their music.

Antropophobia "Scream In Emptiness"
release date - 20/06/2011

The debut album from a single-man band. Antropophobia music combines several different styles: atmospheric black, depressive black, dark metal, and doom metal, while the author itself characterizes band genre as luciferian dark metal. The main idea behind this project is the essence of worries about unseasonableness, social misunderstanding, fall of ideals which turn to thoughts about unearthly beauty

Illuminate The Silence "Silverhoney EP"
release date - 06/06/2011

Long-awaited album of a Moscow band represents their first officially issues record. Having performed a number of successful gigs in Moscow and other cities the band fixed their musical experiments at this EP. Thus, «Silverhoney» is the first chapter in the band history telling about its becoming and creative experiments varying from doom metal to post metal.

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