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Solitude Productions announces new releases

SP. 044-11    Fangtooth    "Fangtooth" traditional doom metal
release date - 28.03.2011

The debut album of young Italian band Fangtooth follows the canons of traditional doom metal genre. Inspired by the debut Candlemass album as well as by works of Trouble, Saint Vitus, Pagan Altar the musicians of Fangtooth demonstrate their own interpretation of the genre traditions and add their own strokes to the general canvas created by the legendary bands.

SP. 045-11    Night Of Suicide "Desire" funeral doom
release date - 30.03.2011

The third album of an international project consisting of musicians from Netherlands - Ben de Graaff and Finland - Markus Heinonen (Astral Sleep). Monotonous dark tracks in the vein of funeral doom metal demonstrate melodic side of the genre. The compositions are full of melodies, keyboard passages and acoustic guitar interludes make raw funeral doom metal from Night of Suicide interesting not only for adepts of rawness and desolation, but also for those who seek the beauty in music.

BMM. 041-11 Kamlath    "Stronger Than Frost"    dark metal
release date - 29.03.2011

A new discovery in the world of heavy music: unique international project Kamlath performing music featuring different genres which can be characterized as dark metal while the band members call it Siberian Metal. They try to tell with their music about Siberia, its inhabitants, the pride of this great people, their destiny full of heroism and tragedy through thousands of years. The band founded by two Siberian musicians recorded their debut album "Stronger Than Frost" with the help of famous musicians from Sweden, USA and Italy. The record features virtuosic guitarist and Grammy nominee Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori, Firegod, Candlemass+), drummer and successful drumming teacher Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot, Within Temptation, Sun Caged, Epica, The Saturnine, Lita Ford) and unique vocalist and frontman of The Foreshadowing Marco Benevento! Mixing and mastering of "Stronger Than Frost" was performed by sound engineer Christian Ice in Rome, at Temple Of Noise Studio, while concept-art of the album is exclusively developed by Seth Siro Anton (Spiros Antoniou) from Septic Flesh.

BMM. 042-11 Benighted In Sodom    "Reverse Baptism" depressive black
release date - 31.03.2011

A new work from American musician who continues his immersion into the depths of hate and despair with the help of depressive black metal. Featuring its own style and individualism Benighted In Sodom creates dense atmospheric musical canvases. It broadens the frames of the genre on the one hand not rejecting themes of pain, suffering and suicide and on the other hand introducing novel themes (Ocean I и Ocean II). Hate and Despair is the essence of the picture of the world enclosed into magnetic music of Benighted In Sodom.

BURN 008-11 Somnolent "Renaissance Unraveling" post metal
release date - 28.03.2011

The second full-length album "Renaissance Unraveling" demonstrates the work of Somnolent from a totally different side. Preserving the mood of the debut album the musicians deviated to the area of post metal proving again their professional skills and creative diversity. Perfect quality of recording and performance are combined with original compositions making the band one of the leading post metal bands.
The album is highly recommended to fans of Cult Of Luna, Mouth Of The Architect etc.

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