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Sun & Moon Records news

After huge delay, finally out now:

NYCHTS / MORTUALIA - "Nebelstern Des Nichts" A5 digiCD 2010/2011
Shatraug (Horna, Sargeist, Finnentum, Behexen, etc.) mastermind of Mortualia in stellar collaboration with Nychts from Switzerland. Both bands contributed to the one track "Nebelstern Des Nichts". LIMITED DELUXE EDITION: A5 digipack, 6 hard book cover pannels, UV and Relief-prints, Poster and Goldened CD.

New band joined to our camp:
Polish Black Metal band MORD'A'STIGMATA signed a 2 album contract with Sun & Moon Records! The new album "Antimatter" will be out in April, together with the 2nd edition of SM-007 NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Reflections of a Sad Soul" CD.

MORD'A'STIGMATA - "Antimatter" CD 2011
The follow-up to the 1st album "Überrealistic" was recorded & mixed at Spaart Studio and it contains over 50 minutes of irritating-senses, going-against-the-trends post-black metal stuff, a comprehensive opus magnum, fulfilled with vast dark energy, exacting, staying for a long period of time in memory, features a guest appearance by Nihil (Furia, Massemord). Each of the nine songs is next stage of trip towards the understanding, the trip that comes to the astonishing end, a crucible of black metal viciousness and aggression, atmosphere and psychotic visions all together. The CD's layout is being handled by the graphic designer Perversor (Impiety, Witchmaster).
Out in April!

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