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Tersivel announce debut album

Finally, we are so proud to announce our new album FOR ONE PAGAN BROTHERHOOD!!! This new album, our very first FULL-LENGTH, will contain 12 tracks of the finest Pagan/Folk Metal!
The influence on these songs came from Sicilian and Mediterranean Music as well as Celtic Music, specially from Ireland plus a really extreme metal base! Lyrics are inspired on both historical and fantastic events, pretty close to an historical novel.

01 - For One Pagan Brotherhood
02 - As Brothers we Shall Fight
03 - The Heathen Sun of Revenge
04 - Far Away in the Distant Skies
05 - High Germany - The Erin's Jig
06 - And Fires also Die Away
07 - Those Days Are Gone
08 - Tarantella Siciliana
09 - We are the Fading Sun
10 - Aeolian Islands
11 - Cosa Nostra
12 - Pagan Nation

This album will be out in late December 2010 so, we hope you enjoy it as much we do!

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wow!!! great band from Argentina!!! one of the best, I just can't wait to listen their new stuff!!!
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