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The Crevices Below to release debut album
THE CREVICES BELOW: Debut Out May 30th On Nordvis Produktion

The Crevices Below is a brand new, one-man  project formed in January 2011 by Dis Pater of the subdued Midnight Odyssey. This Australian multi-instrumentalist from the land, which is so typically called down-under, here unveils the fantastic atmospheric debut album Below The Crevices.
Conceptually set in a dark cavernous underworld, musically boundless, corrupted by the atmospheres of the dead and the paranoid. Followers of acts like Emperor, Limbonic Art, Paradise Lost & Katatonia should definitely raise their eyebrows in order to experience this soundtrack to the unknown underworlds.
Below The Crevices comes packaged with a stand out 8-page booklet with artwork
by the talented Kogaion Art crew. The album will be available globally on
May 30th, 2011 through Nordvis Produktion.

Below The Crevices
The Tombs of Subterranea
A Grand Cavernous Awakening
Whispers of Sorrow
Trapped in Suicidal Depths
Carrying the Cries of the Lost
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