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THE GARDNERZ released debut album on Abyss Records
THE GARDNERZ - The System of Nature Out now on Abyss Records

Deathly and doomed without a doubt, but The System of Nature from Sweden's THE GARDNERZ is an album of varying colors and shapes. That deft combination makes the metallic journey as interesting as it is heavy. In the band's own words: "Blending slow and heavy riffs with melodies distorted and clean, we try to create our own slice of metal. Taking influences from all over the musical spectra, but keeping a solid metal foundation. Mixing technicality with simplicity to get as varied an album as possible. The lyrics deal with philosophical ideas and random rants about the strange ways of man, covering topics such as the fallacies of religion, the rat-race of our over-consuming life style, the hypocrisy found in the writing of history, how a seemingly insignificant event shapes a man's entire life."   
Mastered by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound Studio in Sweden, The System of Nature is as metallically captivating as it is lyrically thought-provoking. 

The System of Nature
1 - The Art of Suffering
2 - Lady in the Grave     
3 - Your Final Solution 
4 - Born to Consume
5 - Incident
6 - Shift in Thought 
7 - Flaw in the Axiom        
8 - More or Less
9 - Confusion 
10 - Maybe it's Time
11 - Bloody Vengeance ( Vulcano cover )
12 - Servants of the Warsmen  ( Winter cover )

A Doomy  death metal band from the south of Sweden, the band was formed in the middle of 2008 by Wilhelm. In late 2008 Francisco joined the band and our debut album started to take shape. A long time friend of Francisco, Juan Pablo, was recruited to do the drums and after a long time of searching for a vocalist Niclas stepped in to the picture.  After about two years of slowly putting the pieces together we can finally present the finished product - The System of Nature. In mid 2011 the band recruited Vedran Bencic as new drummer, the band is now writing new material and rehearsing so keep on the lookout as we are soon coming to a town near you.

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