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THE SUFFERING signed with Chaos Records
Chaos Records Signs The Suffering

Chaos Records has announced the signing of Mexico City's THE SUFFERING. Forming in 1996 for the express purpose of crossing Mexican ancient and Swedish old school Death Metal, THE SUFFERING released one well received self-titled demo in 1998, but are now prepared to unleashed Hell with their full-length debut via Chaos Records later this year.  Featuring ex and current members of CENOTAPH and DENIAL, THE SUFFERING's long await debut is guaranteed to set the world aflame. We'll keep you posted on all the evildoings.   


THE SUFFERING saw the light (or night?) in this earthly plane during the end of 1996 in Mexico City. The band was originally formed by Samuel Ocadiz (lead guitar, later in Cenotaph), Roberto Lizarraga (lead guitar, founder of the band Infinitum Obscure), David Magaña (vocals), Ricardo Gil (bass, later in Denial) and Antonio Leon (drums, also from The Chasm), who got together to create some pure obscure Melodic Death Metal, the way it used to be played: Aggressive and Dark.

Inspired by old traditions of Mexican and Swedish Death Metal, THE SUFFERING created a menacing style of music that needed to be made in Mexico, guided by the old flame of Death, Black and Heavy Metal music and idealism.

In November of 1997, THE SUFFERING played their debut show in Toluca, Mexico, as special guest support band for Mexican Death Metal legends CENOTAPH, and UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS.

Plans to record a debut demo had began to emerge and suddenly in December of 1997, Roberto Lizarraga was forced to leave the band and relocate to the northwest of Mexico (Tijuana) so THE SUFFERING continued its own darkened path.

The following year, after Lizarraga's departure, The Suffering self-titled demo was recorded in October of 1998, and one week after the recording sessions, Antonio Leon left the band and relocated to Chicago, Illinois, to reunite with the THE CHASM.

Shortly after, they were joined by ex-CENOTAPH drummer Oscar Clorio and ex-Under Moonlight Sadness guitar player Sergio Martinez. During this period, the debut demo was released by Vision D Records in Mexico City and received excellent praise and reviews.

In this time period between 1998 and 2000, THE SUFFERING played in several successful shows along with leading national acts such as DISGORGE and UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS among others In 2001, Clorio had the desire to bring back the defunct CENOTAPH and Samuel Ocadiz joined them as well, alas, THE SUFFERING fell into a deep slumber...

Now it is 2012, and hell's fire is raging ablaze, THE SUFFERING has been summoned from the depths once again and reborn from the purest fire and self will, to bring eternal damnation unto the non believers of inner darkness and perpetual pain.
P.O. Box 13
Macuspana, Tab.
MEXICO - 86705

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