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Thunderblast and Ursus signed with Pure Steel Records


THUNDERBLAST from Colombia and Pure Steel Records by now are going to work as team players. The 2nd full lenght album from the band called "Invader from another world" is another truely 80s spirit album. The 12 Songs with 56 min. playing time show pure Speed and Power Metal with some Thrash elements.
Statement Felipe Machado & Band: " Finally after a really long wait the Metal world will be able to hear Thunderblast´s second CD "Invaders From Another World” that has been under production for over four years. The band fells strong about this compact and really in you face CD that is designed for true Metal fans. From classic Heavy Metal, to Power and Thrash Metal this CD is an statement that in Colombia a Metal rage is about to exploit. No real Heavy Metal band has ever made a strong statement from Colombia. Now is the chance to see our country as a new frontier, a paradise to a new generation of Metal. Along side Pure Steel Records Thunderblast found a home to expand is music and to come up with a solid promotion structure. Let the invasion begin. "

Statement Label: "With the band THUNDERBLAST we were in contact since 2008 concerning the release of their second album. Since Demo-times we were convinced about the material of this band and are very happy to have finally the finished product in CD format. Perfectly fitting in our quality band pool because of high musical potential and the rough and unique voice of bandleader Filipe who is also responsible for the coverartwork which he already did so for for AXEL RUDI PELL, BLIND GUARDIAN and others."
Andreas Lorenz - general manager (CEO) PURE STEEL RECORDS

German Rojas - Bass
Christian Gaitan - Drums
Jaime Moreno - Drums on CD
Victor Mosquera - Guitars
Germán Guerra   - Guitars
Felipe Machado Franco - Vocals


1. Intro (We are not alone)
2. Core Domain
3. Horror at Outpost 10
4. The Human Torch
5. Target Earth
6. Invaders from another World
7. When Zombies Rise
8. Screams at Hunted Hill
9. Mutate
10. War of the Monsters.
11. Lab from Hell
12. Units of Pain

URSUS sign a worldwide deal PURE STEEL RECORDS

The second band from Colombia going to be released on Pure Steel are URSUS. Their second album "Fuerza Metal" shows very raw oldschool Thrash Metal of highest quality in order to "Thrash the planet. With URSUS Pure Steel Records supports another surprising band from South America in order to make the Metal world more united and following the true Metal spirit definitely according to the labels basic statement: Every band from anywhere in the world is welcome at our label as longs as they play fine music and work professional like we intend to do by ourselves also all the time".
Statement Band: "URSUS is extremely gratified to sign to such a distinguished and professional label as PURE STEEL RECORDS. We hope that with our new album "FUERZA METAL” we willl spread the growl of URSUS and make an impact on the global metal scene under this fantastic label."

Statement Label: "URSUS is one of the best south american bands with the rough 80ies Thrash spirit. No commerce, no core, no other bullshit - just PURE THRASH. The band works very professional - welcome in our bandroster.Let´s thrash the world!" 
Andreas Lorenz - general manager (CEO) PURE STEEL RECORDS

Diana Cañon - Drums
Felix Zamora – Vocals
Camilo Toquica-  Guitar
Mario Cruz – Bass

1. El rugido (intro)
2. Patria grande
3. Infamia tauricida
4. Larga vida
5. Fuerza metal
6. Dictador
7. Pueblo sin memoria
8. Negocio mortal
9. Marioneta de la guerra
10. Destrucción (V8 )

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