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TURDUS MERULA set to release new album
Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions presents Turdus Merula - Mentem Recipere

The new album is available now!! Original sound, frozen and mysterious music!! Between melancholy and rage!!

Turdus Merula - Mentem Recipere - CD - unlimited 
"The concept on this album is a journey to the underworld and back again. Atmospheric, kind of doom-inspired, but still with some energy and speed. With Ulf (Korpblod) on drums." 

Árni (from Skendöd, Árstíðir lífsins, Carpe Noctem etc) made the mix and mastering of this new opus of Turdus Merula

Songs list: 
1. Descencus 
2. Casus 
3. Adventus 
4. Cursus 
5. Reditus 
6. Ascensus 
7. Gnosis 

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