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Undergang released debut album

UNDERGANG Indhentet af Døden 

     CD version of the 1st album by this danish band of ultra-heavy Death Metal which has already been circulating through the underground for over a year now on vinyl version, has got nothing but praises everywhere, being acclaimed as one of the heaviest (if not the heaviest) bands in the whole european Death Metal scene and who knows if in the rest too!!
      UNDERGANG's music is devoted to the most dense and heavy Death Metal that reminds to the good old days when bands like ROTTREVORE, MYTHIC, very early GRAVE, CREMATORY (swe), early AUTOPSY, early INCANTATION, MORTICIAN and the likes, were setting the limits for the heaviest music ever made.

Track list:
01. Englemagersken 
02. Dødshymne
03. Opslugt af Mørket
04. Evigt Lidende
05. Tvangstanker
06. Forkullede Rester
07. De Dødes Passage (acoustic)
08. Indhentet af Døden

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