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Update: 0, Omission, Kaotoxin Records, reviews
Huge update Today:

Interview with Spanish Thrash Metal sickos OMISSION

A must read interview with the owner of KAOTOXIN RECORDS, Nico

Blitz Quitz interview with an interesting Experimental Black Metal project from Greece, 0

20 new reviews published HERE

Armed Death - Reborn
Bacteremia - Cerebral Wrong Settings
Blood Pollution - Monster Truck Man
Curse of the Forgotten - Building the Palace
Diamond Drive - Temporality
Fordarv - The Echo of Emptiness
Groa Willing - Sire?  Vedrfolnir demos - 2009 - 2012 Recordings
Inexistence - Inexistence
Mario Gronnert - Waters Drown in Stone
Moror - Abyss
Mort Douce - The Valley of Blood and Death
Nachtlieder - Nachtlieder
Najand - Death! The Best Solution?!?
Navalm - Recovery of Sync
Osoka - Osoka
Precognitive Holocaust Annotations - Annunciation of Extermination
Right To The Void - Kingdom of Vanity
Truep - 1986
Vae Solis - My Fire is Eternal
Wraithful Plague - Thee Within the Shadows
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