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Pest Webzine update:


A long interview with Finnish Speed Metallers EVILNIGHT


Blitz Quitz interview with German Epic Melodic Death Metal band NOTHGARD


Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Black Metallers NOKTURNAL RITUAL


Blitz Quitz interview with French Black Metal act MALHKEBRE


We have a new section, Fresh Assaults, a section where bands will present their latest releases with their own words through an interview pointed exclusively to that release, nothing else. Hopefully it will be another helpful section brought to you by Pest Webzine, enjoy!

Find below the first 2 releases presented exclusively by their creators: Dasap - Don't Worry, It Will Be Worse (EP 2014) and Norilsk - Japetus (EP 2014)


Canadian Doom Death Metal band NORILSK talking about their debut EP, "Japetus"


French Extreme Metal project DASAP presents its second EP to our readers, "Don't Worry, It Will Be Worse..."


10 new reviews published HERE:

Aeonless - Underearth Horizons
Asmodey - Dark Spiritual Liberation
Days of Loss - Our Frail Existence
Dead Becomes The Sun - The Last Eclipse
Imperial Savagery - Imperial Savagery
Incarnated - Try Before Die
Old Pagan - MaledictusS
Phobonoid - Orbita
Spatial - Silence
The Nightstalker - The Chronicles of Natural City

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