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Update: EXCITER, THE MONOLITH PROJECT, reviews, new writer

Pest Webzine update:



Interview with Canadian Speed Metal legends EXCITER




Blitz Quitz interview with German Death Metallers THE MONOLITH PROJECT




20 new reviews published HERE:



Agael - Trost
Agiel - Dark Pantheons
Anarchos - Descent into the Maelstrom
Astaroth - Chaosatanas
Barbarian Prophecies - XIII
Corpus Diavolis - Entheogenesis
Dementia Senex - Heartworm
Devoid - The Invasion
Dimaeon - Collapse of the Anthropocene
Ea - A Etilla
Everdying - The Journey Ahead
Evil Machine - War in Heaven
Hellhate - Retsonretap
Korseld - Jordevandring
Raging Age - Regions of Sorrow
Satanchist - Drtici Kacirskych Pohlavi
Scutum Crux - The Second Sun
Torchia - oNe
Zaimus - The Unholy Spells of Night
Zloslut - Zloslutni horizont - Donosilac prokletstva, ocaja i smrti


And we are proud to introduce our new writer, Luke Hayhurst from UK, who will be reviewing stuff for Pest Webzine. Welcome Luke!


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