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Vastum to release debut album
VASTUM Live Update; Interrogations & Coverage Of Crushing Debut Album Available

VASTUM are on the warpath! The Bay Area horde are being praised by old-school death metal fans throughout the underground media in response to their brutalizing debut full-length, Carnal Law, set for release via 20 Buck Spin on May 31.
Continuing to brutalize live audiences with their stripped-down and ultra-pulverizing tonal supremacy, VASTUM have confirmed more live actions throughout the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest over the coming weeks, with more tour plans in the works to be announced shortly.
VASTUM Confirmed Rampages:
5/18/2011 Elbo Room - San Francisco, CA w/ Inquisition, Necrite
7/01/2011 The Know - Portland, OR w/ Atriarch, Murderess 
7/02/2011 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA w/ Ritual Necromancy, Anhedonist, Countdown to Armageddon
7/03/2011 Saratoga - Portland, OR w/ Knelt Rote, Negative Queen
VASTUM's thunderous, stripped-down attack produces some of the most wretched, dehumanizing, old-school death metal one can find on Carnal Law. Unifying musicians with current or past ties to Saros, Amber Asylum, Hammers of Misfortune, Infest and containing 3/4 of Acephalix' lineup, conceptually, the band's lyrical content explores dark themes of sexuality and psychic disfiguration in a more cerebral context, as one may find in the work of Georges Bataille or psychoanalyst Jean Laplanche. Frustration, pain, pleasure, confusion, depravity, death, life and isolation; the lines are blurred.

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