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Volture - preview for the new album

HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS is pleased to offer a streaming preview of VOLTURE’s Shocking Its Prey at http://heavyartillery.bandcamp.com/album/shocking-its-prey.  The six track debut will be released on CD in the U.S. on January 25th and Europe on January 28th and is available now for pre-order exclusively at http://store.heavyartillery.us 

Shocking It’s Prey will also be released on limited edition vinyl MLP on February 15th.  Additionally, A deluxe numbered edition of 200 will be available exclusively at http://store.heavyartillery.us on February 8th.

Listen to the full stream of VOLTURE Shocking It’s Prey here:
With the humblest beginnings the seeds for VOLTURE were first laid in November 2008. Inspired by a mutual interest in obscure NWOBHM and early European heavy metal VOLTURE was born when friends Ryan Waste (of MUNICIPAL WASTE) and Nick Poulos over a few beers agreed to channel those mutual interests into a fully realized project. With Ryan and Nick, respectively, on bass and guitar they were soon joined by vocalist Brent Hubbard and drummer Barry Cover, who had previously worked with Ryan in 2003 in a band called IMMORTAL AVENGER. Throughout 2009, a demanding tour schedule with their other bands left the members of VOLTURE with minimal time to practice. In January 2010 the four piece entered a small studio in Ryan’s neighborhood to lay down the tracks for Shocking Its Prey, sans any modern studio trickery solely relying on capturing VOLTURE’s natural ability to unleash raw, unedited heavy metal fury.
Upon putting the finishing touches on Shocking Its Prey, VOLTURE welcomed to its ranks guitarist Dave Boyd, known for his work with heavy metal stalwarts TWISTED TOWER DIRE. With the line up in place and forthcoming mini lp, work on creating its own iconography begun by envisioning VOLTURE as an electric bird made of steel, shocking its prey to an untimely demise came into focus.  This vision was brought to life by artist Sean McGrath and perfected in paint by the great Andrei Bouzikov, all under the direction of Ryan. With all of the creative pieces in place VOLTURE came to the attention of New York ’s purveyors of steel, HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS, whom will release Shocking Its Prey in all of its glory in the U.S. on January 25th and in Europe on January 28th.

With tour plans and a full length album on the horizon, the future is bright for VOLTURE as they shock the music world back to life with their brand of true heavy metal!

Listen to VOLTURE at www.volture.us

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