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Volturyon announce new vocalist
Volturyon Announces New Vocalist
Volturyon has a new face and voice! Swedish death metal destroyers have officially announced Alexander Högbom as the band's new vocalist. Replacing Olle Ekman, Högbom is in for a baptism by fire as Volturyon performs with Demonical on the Eastern Death Infernal Tour.
Says Volturyon guitarist Andreas Olander about the new addition, "We've known Alexander for a while through his band Spasmodic and his occasional guest  appearances with us. His vocals impressed us from day one. It's with great anticipation we look into the future."

"I first made contact with Volturyon when they mailed me their promo-CD, Blood Cure," says Högbom. I was running a rock club in Ludvika by the name Cavum back then, and they wanted me to book a gig for them at the club. I listened to their promo and was really impressed, so I arranged a gig for them in August of 2008 in Ludvika. Ever since I have been a fan of Volturyon. After a few years with no further contact I received a text message from [drummer] Christian Netzell, wondering if I wanted to join the band and do the east-Europe/Baltic tour with them, and I said yes. It is quite an honor to have been chosen to do the vocals in Volturyon and to play with such skilled musicians."

Name: Alexander Högbom.
Born: 1985.
Favorite genres: Death Metal and Grindcore.
Hometown: Ludvika, Sweden.
Family: Girlfriend Johanna and my son Povel.
Current bands: Volturyon and Spasmodic.
Former bands: The Fundias and Mutilated
The Eastern Death Infernal Tour 2011 will run from October 26th to November 12th, focusing mainly on Baltic and Eastern European territories. Shows in Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest and Berlin have been booked with the rest of the dates to be confirmed soon. Additional support will come from Hungary's Slytract.

The venomous brand of technical, thrash-infused Swedish death metal on new Volturyon album Coordinated Mutilation has been receiving praise from critics across the metal community. Please visit the United Guttural Records website to order your copy.

Coordinated Mutilation Track listing:
 1. Bloodsoaked Solution
 2. Savage Gluttony
 3. Eight Corner of Slaughter
 4. Euphoria Through Execution
 5. Ravaged
 6. Coordinated Mutilation
 7. Abide under Eminence
 8. Sadistic Molestation
 9. Sanguinolency
 10. Intense Convulsions
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