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Xtreem Music signs Monigo

 In 2005 (anus satanae), from the most nauseous and vomitive sewers of Madrid (Spain), emerged one of the most extreme diehard worshippers of the true excremental cult under the monicker of MOÑIGO (one of the many spanish words for "DUNG", whose right definition would be: Compact portion of human -or inhuman- excrement that's expelled at one time). After a demo in '06 entitled "Copromo" and a 3-way split CD in '08, the band felt the need to spread their aural diarrhoea in a massive way through the recording of a full length defecation divided in 14 farts for an easier digestion. This analbum was recorded in 2010 under the title of "Coprometidos con la Causa (Shit & Honor!)" (Copromised with the Cause) and it's finally set for an immediate release through XTREEM MUSIC in May 2011.

MOÑIGO are without any doubt the spanish new sensation for the Gore/ Grind scene, following a path already shown by bands like HAEMORRHAGE, MACHETAZO & GRUESOME STUFF RELISH. Now the time has come for MOÑIGO who has been quietly excreting their shit on their previous recordings and funny live shows where shit is the main protagonist and the only reason of their existence. Never the shit received such an exquisite treatment and adoration, enriched by a fucking heavy and groovy brand Copro Gore Grind/ Death which gathers influences from classic bands like CBT, IMPETIGO, MUCUPURULENT, GUT, MORTICIAN, XYSMA...

With the always professional and stunning artwork of Phlegeton Art Studios, "Coprometidos con la Causa (Shit & Honor!)" is ready to spread their shit over us like putting a mung on a ventilator. Nobody will be safe!! Get ready for the brown monolith cult!! You can already taste a couple of bits of their shit through their MySpace with songs like "Las tias Buenas No Cagan" (Gorgeous Girls Don't Shit) and "Modelo Shitman" (Shitman Model) here: www.myspace.com/monigo
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