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Altarage is a terrifying enigma... The only known fact about this band is that they come from Bilbao, Spain, and that their music is some of the most fucked, hallucinating and surreal death metal you will hear all year. Other than that, nothing about this band is really known. Even us here at Sentient Ruin tried to understand through the sparse email correspondence with them, who Altarage are formed by and who is concealed behind the moniker... to no avail. When asked to explain the origin and members of the band, whatever entity was replying to our emails, politely declined to comment. Regardless, in front of Altarage's sonic immensity, you realize that their music speaks for it self at many different levels, and that anything aside from what your sorry ears must endure upon encountering their wicked craft, falls in second place. When you hear this band's savage and hellish music you realize that nothing else matters other than the music itself. You realize that existence is futile and that nothingness and emptiness permeate everything. You get sucked into a void of aural destruction that is impossible to escape...

Altarage's music seems to do just that: it opens voids... Portals to other dimensions, revealing worlds of fathomless wretchedness and of unimaginable horror. In a similar way as seen in bands like Portal, Ævangelist,Mitochondrion, Antediluvian, Abyssal, and Teitanblood, Altarage also are forgers of death metal of the most twisted and hallucinated craft - of extreme metal of the highest technical and visionary order. Their unbelievable technicality and musicianship are a mere conduit, a medium to the immense aural devastation this band can summon. A simple vessel that can carry the listener from the safety of reality to the nightmarish musical hell that lies beyond Altarage's sonic vision, and to which the band wants to drag you with their insane pandemonium of coiled and tangled riffs.

MMXV Demo is Altarage's debut offering, the first statement of an artistic power so great that one is left to wonder what will come next - what could ever follow such a wretched spawn of musical madness. Coming in a limited edition cassette tape co-relesed in collaboration with Sol Y Nieve Records, MMXV Demo will also see a digital release, with both versions dropping on September 27th 2015.


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