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Best of 2015

These are the best materials I've reviewed in 2015 (also released in 2015, not earlier), therefore The Best in Pest for 2015, in alphabetical order:


6:33 (France) - Deadly Scenes (Kaotoxin Records, 2015, Avantgarde Metal)

ANAL VOMIT (Peru) - Peste negra, muerte negra (Gates of Hell Records / Icarus Music, 2015, Thrash Black Death Metal)

ATTEN ASH (USA) - The Hourglass (Hypnotic Dirge Records, 2015, Doom Death Metal)

DOOMED (Germany) - Wrath Monolith (Solitude Productions, 2015, Doom Death Metal)

FRAGILE EXISTENCE (Canada) - Cataclysms and Beginnings (Selfreleased, 2015, Death Metal)

KILLING GANDHI (Denmark) - Cinematic Parallels (Crime Records, 2015, Melodic Death Metal)

LUCID DREAMS (Norway) - Build and Destroy (Red Ball Productions, 2015, Melodic Heavy Metal)

MAIEUTISTE (France) - Maieutiste (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions, 2015, Doom Black Metal)

MARTIN BECK'S INDUCTION (Czech republic) - Far Beyond the Horizon (Selfreleased, 2015, Symphonic Power Metal)

MEMENTO WALTZ (Italy) - Division by Zero (Jolly Roger Records 2015, Progressive Metal)

NEGACY (Italy) - Flames of Black Fire (Jolly Roger Records, 2015, Heavy Power Metal)

NEOLITH (Poland) - Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki (Non Serviam Records, 2015, Black Death Metal)

PAGANUS DOCTRINA (Costa Rica) - OmnipotencE AeternaE DiabolouS (Satanic / Ashen, 2015, Black Metal)

PUTRID OFFAL (France) - Mature Necropsy (Kaotoxin Records, 2015, Death Grind)

REGURGITATED INNARDS (Sweden) - Feeding the Abominable (Vulgar Records, 2015, Death Grind)

RESURRECTURIS (Italy) - Nazienda (Mighty Music, 2015 Progressive Metal)

STEORRAH (Germany) - II: Thin White Paint (Bret Hard Records, 2015, Progressive Death Metal)

THE KILL (Australia) - Speed Freak Killer (Blastasfuck Grindcore, 2015, Grindcore)

THE OUTSIDE (Germany) - Dawn of the Deaf (Selfreleased, 2015, Thrash Metal)

THE SILVERBLACK (Italy) - The Grand Turmoil (Sliptrick Records, 2015, Industrial Metal)

TURBOCHARGED (Sweden) - Militant (Go Fuck Yourself Productions, 2015, Thrash Death Metal)

UNHOLD (Switzerland) - Towering (Czar Of Bullets, 2015, Progressive Sludge Metal)


Hopefully you'll enjoy them yourselves, too.

Have an excellent new year!


by Adrian

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