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Supersound 19 June 2016

Supersound (hard rock, heavy metal & extreme metal), editia din 18 iunie 2016, Radio Romania Cluj (frecventele: Satu-mare-87,9 Fm, Negresti Oas-93,3 Fm, Sighet-101,7 Fm, Cluj-95,6, Alba si Sibiu-95,4 Fm) sau la www.radiocluj.ro, orele: 00-00-02.00, relaizator: Crisan Bibian

1. VOLTAJ-Arsita noptii (Pericol de moarte) 1996/Roton
2. VOLBEAT-The Devil’s Bleeding Crown (Seal the Deal  & Let’s Boogie) 2016/Universal
3. VOLBEAT-The Gates of Babylon (Seal the Deal  & Let’s Boogie) 2016/Universal
4. UNLOCKING THE TRUTH-Monster (Chaos) 2016/Metal Jam
5. UNLOCKING THE TRUTH -Take Control(Cha os) 2016/Metal Jam
6. NERVOSA-Hostages (Agony) 2016
7. DARK MINISTRY-Voodoo Sacrifice (Album in lucru) 2016?
8. DARK MINISTRY-Blood Driven (Album in lucru) 2016?
9. WILD CHILD-Bad Trip (Album in lucru) 2016?
10. WILD CHILD-Stormblues (Album in lucru) 2016?
11. BLUTRINA-I Know Something I Won’t Tell (Looney Fuckin’ Grind) 2016/Loudrage Music
12. BLUTRINA-Morphing in Vitro (Looney Fuckin’ Grind) 2016/Loudrage Music
13. D.R.I.-Against Me (But Wait…There’s More!) E.P. 2016/Beer City Rec.
14. D.R.I.-Anonimity (But Wait…There’s More!) E.P. 2016/Beer City Rec.
15. MOTORHEAD-Born to Raise Hell (Bastards) 1993/Zyx Music
16. METALLICA-Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets) 1986/Elektra
17. MORBID ANGEL-Abominations (Blessed are the Sick) 1991/Earache
18. NAILS-Savage Intolerance (You Will Never Be One of Us) 2016/Nuclear Blast
19. UNMERCIFUL-Unmerciful (Ravenous Impulse) 2016/Unique Leader Rec.
20. LACRIMOSA-Lightgestalt (Lightgestalt) 2005/Hall of Sermon
21. MGLA-Exercises in Futility I (Exercises In Futility) 2015/Northern Herirage
22. CANNIBAL CORPSE-Priests of Sodom (Evisceration Plague) 2009/Metal Blade
23. ANNIHILATOR-Ultraparanoia (Refresh the Demon) 1996/Music for Nations
24. PINK CREAM 69-Big Machine (Ceremonial) 2013/Frontiers Rec.
25. OCTOBER TIDE-The Custodian of Science (A Thin Shell) 2010/Candlelight Rec.
26. AXEL RUDI PELL-Mystica (Mystica) 2006/Steamhammer

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