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Supersound 27 March 2016


SUPERSOUND (hard rock, heavy metal & extreme metal), editia din 26 martie 2016, Radio Romania Cluj (frecventele: Satu Mare- 87,9 FM, Negresti Oas- 93,3 FM, Sighet- 101,7 FM, Cluj- 95,6 FM, Alba si Sibiu- 95,4 FM) sau la www.radiocluj.ro , orele 00.00 – 02.00, realizator Crisan Bibian

1. PENTAGRAM-Relentless (Pentagram) 1993/Peaceville Rec.
2. PSYCHOGOD-Death Row (Create to Destroy) 2015/Autoprodus
3. TIMES OF NEED-Cycle of Life (To Road to Nowhere) EP 2016/Autoprodus
4. THE LEMON LOVERS-Cosmic Lovers (Watching the Dancers) 2016/Independent
5. ANATHEMA-Fragile Dreams (Universal-Live) 2013/Kscope Music
6. DRACONIAN-The Cry of Silence (Where Lovers Mourn) 2003/Napalm Records
7. OCTOBER TIDE-The Custodian of Science (A Thin Shell) 2010/Candlelight Rec.
8. HAMMER FIGHT-Gods of Rock n’ Roll (Profound and Profane) 2016/Napalm Records
9. WYRD-Death of the Sun (Death of the Sun) 2016/Moribund Rec.
10. KORPSE-Retaliation (Unethical) 2016/Rising Nemesis Rec.
11. BREAKDOWN-Can’t Figure You Out (Battle Hymns for An Angry Planet) 2000/I Scream Rec.
12. CROWN OF THORNZ-The Kiss of Death (Nothing But Tragedy) 2015/Bridge Nine Rec.
13. DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT-War (The Retinal Circus Live) 2013/Hevy Devy Rec.
14. THE RAMONES-Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones) 1976/Philips Rec.
15. THE EXPLOITED-Fucking Liar (Fuck the System) 2003/Dream Catcher
16. SUICIDAL ANGELS-Bleeding Holocaust (Dead Again) 2010/Noise Art Rec.
17. HORN-Wache Schreibt (Feldpost) 2015/Northern Silence Prod.
18. EVOKEN-The Unechoing Dread (Atra Mors) 2012/Profund Lore Rec.
19. LOVE MIGHT KILL-Alone (2 Big 2 Fail) 2012/Massacre Rec.
20. CHILDREN OF BODOM-Prayer for the Afflicted (I Worship Chaos) 2015/Nuclear Blast
21. GOJIRA-L’Enfant Sauvage (L’Enfant Sauvage) 2012/Roadrunner Rec.
22. MASTER-It’s What Your Country Can Do for You (The Human Machine) 2010/Pulverised Rec.

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