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Supersound 6 March 2016

Playlist-ul si auditia emisiunii SUPERSOUND (hard rock, heavy metal & extreme metal), editia din 5 martie 2016, Radio Romania Cluj (frecventele: Satu Mare- 87,9 FM, Negresti Oas- 93,3 FM, Sighet- 101,7 FM, Cluj- 95,6 FM, Alba si Sibiu- 95,4 FM) sau la www.radiocluj.ro , orele 00.00 – 02.00, realizator Crisan Bibian

1.RITUAL CARNAGE-Awaiting the Kill (Every Nerve Alive) 2000/Osmose Prod.
2.SODOMIZER-Let’s Satan Take Your Soul (Jesus Is Not Here Today) 2011/Deathrash Armageddon
3.TRIVIUM-Down from the Sky (Shogun) 2008/Roadrunner Rec.
4.LACUNA COIL-I Don’t Believe in Tomorrow (Dark Adrenaline) 2012/Century Media
5.KREATOR-Phantom Antichrist (Phatom Antichrist) 2012/Nuclear Blast
6.HAMMERFALL-Legacy of Kings (Legacy of Kings) 1998/Nuclear Blast
7.BENEDICTION-Grizzled Finale (Subconscious Terror) 1990/Nuclear Blast 
8.AVANTASIA-Invoke the Machine (The Mystery of Time (A Rock Epic)) 2013/Nuclear Blast
9.THE OFFSPRING-Gotta Get Away (Smash) 1994/Epitaph
10.NEVERMORE-Born (The Godless Endeavor) 2005/Century Media
11.TORTURE KILLER-Phobia (Phobia) 2013/Dynamic Arts
12.OPETH-Bleak (In Live Concert At the Royal Albert Hall) 2010/Roadrunner
13.LAKE OF TEARS-Raistlin and the Rose (A Crimson Cosmos) 1997/Black Mark
14.NEVERGREEN-Lovin to Death (Vendetta) 2014/Hammer Rec.
15.HELEVORN-I Am to Blame (Compassion Forlorn) 2014/Bad Moon Man Music
16.GORGASM-Infection Induced Erection (Orgy of Murder) 2011/Brutal Bands
17.AIRBORNE-Hungry (Black Dog Barking) 2013/Roadrunner
18.AC/DC-Rock or Bust (Rock or Bust) 2014/Columbia
19.KID ROCK-American Bad Ass (The History of Rock) 2000/Atlantic
20.CATHEDRAL-Soul Sacrifice (Forest of Equilibrium) 1991/Earache Records
21.ANGEL CORPSE-Genghis Kahn (Iron, Blood & Blasphemy) 2001/Osmose Prod.
22.ASSASSIN-Forbidden Reality (The Upcoming Terror) 1986/Steamhammer
23.MARDUK-Voices from Avignon (Rom 5:12) 2007/Blooddawn Prod.
24.THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX-Gettin’ Old (Atomic Bitchwax I) 1999/Meteor City
25.JOE SATRIANI-Unstoppable Momentum (Unstoppable Momentum) 2013/Epic
26.NAPALM DEATH-Bloddless Coup (Apex Predator-Easy Meat) 2015/Century Media

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