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Supersound - February 21st

SUPERSOUND (hard rock, heavy metal & extreme metal), editia din 20 februarie 2016, Radio Romania Cluj (frecventele: Satu Mare- 87,9 FM, Negresti Oas- 93,3 FM, Sighet- 101,7 FM, Cluj- 95,6 FM, Alba si Sibiu- 95,4 FM) sau la www.radiocluj.ro , orele 00.00 – 02.00, realizator Crisan Bibian

1.CANDLEMASS-Demons Gate (Epicus Doomicus Metallicus) 1986/Black Dragon Rec.
2.MYSTIC PROPHECY-Hate Black (Killhammer) 2013/Massacre
3.FIRELEAF-Bloody Tears (Behind the Mask) 2016/Massacre
4.FIRELEAF-Monsterman (Behind the Mask) 2016/Massacre
5.STONE FIXION-Faint (Wrong Age) 2009/Autoprodus
6. STONE FIXION-Out of Sight (Wrong Age) 2009/Autoprodus
7.EXUMER-The Raging Tides (The Raging Tides) 2016/Metal Blade
8.EXUMER-Brand of Evil (The Raging Tides) 2016/Metal Blade
9.HATESPHERE-Lines Crossed Lives Lost (New Hell) 2015/Massacre
10.HATESPHERE-New Hell (New Hell) 2015/Massacre
11.CRIMINAL-Down Driven (Fear Itself) 2016/Metal Blade
12.RAPTURE-Transfixion (Songs for the Withering) 2002/Spikefarm Rec.
13.TOTENMOND-Die Schlaght (Lichtbringer) 1996/Massacre
14.HATEVIRUS-Hateful Mind (Single) 2016/Autoprodus
15.URGEHAL-Blood of the Legion (Aeons in Sodom) 2016/Season of Mist
16.URGEHAL-Lord of Horns (Aeons in Sodom) 2016/Season of Mist
 OSTRING Competition
17.DESCENT INTO DESPAIR-Pendulum of Doubt (The Bearer of All Storms) 2014/Domestic Genocide Rec.
18.OPHIS-Suffering Is a Virtue (Withered Shades) 2010/Solitude Prod.

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