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We do not review any more digital promos, sorry.


All reviews posted on Pest Webzine are just our personal opinions, do NOT take them as the absolute truth, try to form your own opinions by listening to the releases, there are so many ways to listen to a band's music now (before buying their products) and that is the simplest and most honest way to help the Underground.

If a review is bad, that only means the reviewer doesn't like it, nothing personal. If you can't handle bad reviews (if it's the case), don't send your stuff!

Important: All Extreme and Traditional Metal reviews published in Pest Webzine will be also published in the printed magazine Slowly We Rot! No received material will be returned to sender, if you want your material returned don't send it in the first place!

Sending promos by regular mail - please ask for snail mail address! All promos sent by snail mail will be reviewed. Physical promos' reviews are being published also in Slowly We Rot Fanzine!

Important! We will try to sell complete material we receive so that the funds we get from selling it will be used to pay domain and hosting fees for this site, if you want to help out you can send the material in the same form you are selling it (with complete booklet, mint condition for both audio and sleeve condition), and you can also send multiple copies, but this is completely up to you. If you don't want the material you send to be sold please mention this beforehand. This won't affect the final review in any shape or form!

Promo material (not designed to be sold like hole-punched, cardboard, copied, marked, damaged promos) will be spread for FREE as give-aways or freebies after being reviewed. This won't affect the final review in any shape or form!

By submitting your promos you automatically acknowledge and agree with our terms!

We are not reviewing any more digital promos at the moment, sorry. We will still download and listen to digital promos but only for choosing tracks for our Pest Metal Radio Show.
Don't worry, your digital promos won't be shared with anyone.

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