Yet another Greek band to be featured in our humble pages. This time around, Godium, vocalist and guitarist of Abyssgale, had the opportunity to let us all know what the band has in store for the near future and tell us a bit more about “Hegemon”.

Why did you feel the need to create Abyssgale?
Abyssgale is an entity which serves dark art in the shape of a plethora music synthesis and feeds our fire-will for harmonize darkness. 
What’s the meaning and concept of Abyssgale? What are Abyssgale’s major influences?
To express the deepest abyss, an entity which comes from within as a stormily music and somehow make you feel a part of all these. Inspiration can be a sort of things. Blackness can be everywhere, inspires you to reach the source. We are connected musically with the first wave of black metal even our music have more complex structures and disharmonic chords, however, music is everywhere around you. 

You released an EP “The coming plague” in 2006 and only in 2014 did you release new material in the form of “Hegemon”. Why the eight-year hiatus?
Actually after “Hegemon” recordings the band was in idle because of the unsteady line up in order to support the upcoming work (lives, studio).The main problem in the Greek scene is that few musicians cannot cover the whole number of bands. Drummers played in 5 or 6 bands, so I was keeping alive the band by composing new material, waiting the certain time.

“Hegemon” was initially released in the cassette format. Isn’t it a bit out of date and difficult to listen to tapes now that technology has evolved so much? 
Exactly! The cassette was released for collectors only. 

Do you miss tape trading and all the excitement of trading letters and stuff with other metalheads before the internet stormed in and stole all those feelings from us?
I grew up in times where the internet had not done its appearance and actually nothing  seems to be missed at that point those days. I guess somehow I am an old school person, more traditional!  

However, in 2015, there will be a reissue by Immortal Frost Productions on CD with a different cover. Why? Was there huge demand for the material?
As I told you I am more a traditional person. My aim is to release it in 3 formats
Cassette, cd and vinyl. By the way “hegemon“ is going to be released in vinyl format by Floga Records at the very late of 2015.

Why have these formats been released by different labels?
Because each one of these labels deals with work differently and efficiently.

The cover artwork of “Hegemon” cassette format features a baphomet whereas the cover artwork of the CD version features a different image. Why have you opted to use a different cover?
I think it’s more interesting for collectors.

In what do you base yourself in order to write the lyrics?
Darkness in multiple forms. It’s hard to explain it in a few words.

You have done a mini tour in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium earlier this year. How has that experience been? Was it the first time you played outside of Greece? What have you learned from it?
We had a great experience, a lot of fun and new good friends. It was the first time we played abroad and it was great to realize that the audience response was very good. 

Reviews have been quite good. Were you expecting such acceptance from the general public? Do you hope these reviews will help Abyssgale become more known and invited to more concerts?
Of course these reviews will help Abyssgale become more known to the black metal community. As I told you the response was great both reviews and gigs. Yes, we were expecting it.

Abyssgale have been active since 2005. What has been the biggest difficulty you’ve encountered in your musical career so far?
To find good musician who can be a part of Abyssgale’s fire.

What has been your biggest achievement as a band?
 Being 10 years in the black metal scene.

If you were to choose one album that had a huge impact in you, which album would that be and why?
Oh! I don’t know. There are so many albums. Maybe “de mysteriis Dom sathanas”. The way the whole music harmonizes in this album is brilliant.

Greece is very famous for its extreme metal bands. What is your opinion on the greek underground scene? Is there a sense of companionship between the bands?
We are doing great job. There are a lot of bands that can be proud like dead congregation, awe, thy darkened shade, nadiwrath , dodsferd, ravencult,end, e.t.c
Yes there is a sense of companionship that started a few years ago.

Has the economic crisis in your country affected the band and the underground in general?
Definitely, in all sections.

Please share a final message with Pest’s readers. Cheers!
Hail to all who support and serve the black art.

Interview by Sonia Fonseca

June 2015