Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Hi everyone!
ANTYRA from Leipzig/Germany is a bunch of four music freaks going crazy for metal of any kind you know. The band was founded in 2006 by the brothers Sebastian (guitar, growls, vocals) and Dave (keys, vocals) who were making music together since their earliest childhood. In the beginning there were four more guys in the band, but time, work or other musical visions took them away after the release of our first EP in 2009. After a time of line-up-chaos, Falk (bass guitar, screams, vocals) and finally Kevin (drums) – both also playing in the Black/Thrash bastard horde BitchHammer – joined the band and brought the ship back on course again. This somehow chaotic time in which we also had to face various difficulties concerning rehearsal opportunities (one of our rehearsal rooms even burnt down) wasn't bad at all, for we were able to use it to grow personally, in our musical and composing skills and concretized our own style by following the paths we have already entered when we made our first EP. Last year we fixed everything by releasing our first full-length concept album "Pentachronist". Despite that struggled time, ANTYRA made it to stay on stage – for playing live is one of the most important and most satisfying things in metal and music. We learned to be patient and many things that may be galling for other bands don't even feel itchy on our asses ;-).
Our personal history may not be that interesting for we are neither born in a dusty library with old forgotten tales nor raised in hell by the devil himself. Well, maybe there is to mention that two of us live from music in one or another way...

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
It is pretty hard to describe our style in only a few words. We have chosen the word "epic" - not because it is epic metal in its common sense (if you think about Manilla Road or Manowar) but the music is epic in any way you can imagine: every song is unique; their length usually varies between five and above ten minutes; we try to make a "large" soundscape and put lots of ideas in one song so you may find new details in every listening session for quite a long time; ANTYRA has three singers (clean leads, growls, screams and also three-lined-choir-parts) so we can be creative as fuck in arranging vocal lines and we are able to bring it on stage without any technical help from voice changers or shit like that; the music varies between hard rocking parts, classical stuff, atmospheric quiet moments and ear-blasting black metal parts; and then there are the lyrics telling fantasy/dark/ancient/philosophical stories – without falling into boring stereotypes. The lyrics are sometimes in English, sometimes in German – whatever a song needs to get to its best feeling.
All these things that (for some listeners in the scene) shouldn't go together are put into an interesting and reasonable whole. That is why some people say, our music is progressive metal. Maybe it is somehow, but in our opinion that doesn't fit right because we don't do this typical "didelididididililililililil" stuff, if you know what we mean =) ...
We work really hard on writing our own distinctive stuff. If one of us has that "I know this from somewhere"-feeling, the whole idea goes down the drain. Better is the "whhooooo, what the fuck is this!?"-reaction on a new idea. There are too damn much influences! In fact, we love nearly any kind of metal. Every style has its special feeling and attitude. If you listen to a lot of different stuff, you cannot concretize what influenced you after all. One day you feel happy and powerful and play some riffs in power metal style like Gamma Ray – another day everything is creepy and dark and you feel fucking doomed (maybe Avatarium) so you write stuff like that – and even another day you’re bound to nature (Primordial) or dancing in a moshpit with Machine Head and so on... But mostly we see ourselves as artists and love the classical influences like Therion (we did a cover version of "Asgard - The Bifrost Bridge" for their upcoming tribute album and really hope to get it on this record) or Haggard and stuff like that. And the longer we make music, the more our interest grows even beyond the borders of metal. The main challenge is to put all this – as said above – in a reasonable whole. That is the real fun on writing songs for us. 

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Because it is something different. If you love listening to interesting music which you cannot fart along after the first rotation in your player, you really shouldn't miss it. If you only listen to stuff you already know or always put music into files and concrete genres our stuff may overstrain you. But even then you should listen to it and maybe discover new styles which you didn't like or notice before but they now rock because they're connected with a sound you already like and know. And then there is all the stuff around the music: In our current concept album "Pentachronist" we also put self-written short-stories and pictures to every song in the booklet. So get the album, take a beer or wine in your hand and enjoy the whole world of "Pentachronist" - you won't regret that for sure...

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
We have three releases out at the moment. The first EP "In The Fields Of Marathon" from 2009 got lots of good reactions, some called it a hope for the scene or stuff like that. And we took the critics serious and worked harder. So the full-length-debut "Pentachronist" in 2015 went levels higher than "Marathon" could ever have reached. We got lots of great reactions on that concept album, even from bigger zines like Rock Hard Germany. There were only a few bad reviews, but it’s pretty cool and strange to see how our music polarizes: the same thing one reviewer loves (maybe the long prologues, "overloaded" parts, this or that vocal part, ...), another one hates. But one thing is for sure: it is no "radio-hit-metal" to burble along in the background while doing your homework. This music wants to be heard! So better get the album and make up your own opinion. Before the release of "Pentachronist" we did a little EP with one of the short-stories read in German, the associated song from the album and an acoustic version of the album’s opening track. But that went just nearby, is limited to 100 pieces and nearly sold out (yeah!). We did that one primarily for the scene in and around our origin Leipzig to get our local fans prepared on the album.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Of course we do! Playing live is essential in metal and music anyway. You can do the craziest shit in studio – but you have to take off your pants on stage (in a figurative sense of course *g*). But booking shows on your own as a hobby musician (each of us has a normal job, family and so on)  is always hard and takes a lot of time and energy that sometimes should better be put into musical things like composing, rehearsals or recording. We really would like to play more live shows and it is sloooooowly growing year by year. But, as mentioned before, there is a reality apart from metal where we also are needed.
We will always cheer if you have a show, a location, touring ideas or connections for us. A promoter or booker on our side would give us a blast – that's for sure!

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
They all should have an eye on ANTYRA because our music takes metal on a higher level by blasting genres and borders. But especially the...
... should know that we work really hard on taking the best out of our songs. We will not rest until a record is finished perfectly in every detail and every fucking note and tune. They will get diversified music and can be sure that every record and every song will have its special uniqueness. There also shall be mentioned that we have three (!) more album ideas nearly completely composed. They only have to be worked out and finally arranged. So labels can be sure that they will get at least three upcoming high class releases from ANTYRA within the next years...!
... will always have interesting stuff and reviews to write on our music or attitude as artists. You should also watch our live performances: sometimes really dark, sometimes in power metal good-mood-style, sometimes artistic or fantastic with video installations. And if you meet us personally, you will always have a good time with us because we don't take things too serious and as a writer you surely will enjoy the mass of wordplays and jokes we do within only a few minutes. =)
.. can book us into nearly every metal event because of our stylistic variarity. We are able to put any of our "influences" in the focus of a particular show. So you may put us into a pagan set, a power metal show an epic line-up or an evening with atmospheric art metal with video installations and live-readings (like we arranged the release of "Pentachronist"). And beside that we have a special acoustic set which puts a medieval and dark atmosphere on castles or medieval markets at night. So for you as a promoter we are something like an "egg-throwing-wool-milk-pig", as we say in German.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Well, first of all we're going to do shows, shows and shows again. But we also have the music done for a new album and the following two. So we try to manage our time in between practicing for shows, composing, arranging and planning the record stuff. We hope, we will be prepared enough to hit the studio in 2017 – it's only a question of time.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
There is a YouTube account (Antyra Official) with one song from "Pentachronist" called "Flammenflut" including its visualization we sometimes use on stage, a short album trailer and also live and acoustic stuff. On our homepage you can listen to every song for about one minute and you will find lyrics and the "Pentachronist" short stories there.
You can buy our stuff directly there (at the "Kontor" section) or write us a short mail to Don't worry that the page is in German, we will answer your requests in English and as soon as possible of course.
Cheeeeerzzzzz and horns up to everyone out there! Hope to hear pretty soon from you!
Your ANTYRiAns

September 2016