Country: Bolivia
Title: Tierra de héroes X (2006-2016)
Label: Metalica zine
Year: 2016
Style: Heavy Metal

Bolivian Heavy Metal heroes Arkanos celebrate through this release 10 years since the release of their second album, Tierra de heroes, which is pretty strange if you ask me, not sure why a band would celebrate their second album and not their first for example, but that was probably the one that brought them the most attention in front of the local audience. So this material might as well be considered a new album, but at the same time can be considered a remastered version of an old album, or even a compilation of tracks since the tracklist is not actually identical with the first release. Anyway, for those not familiar with the band, Arkanos are a traditional Heavy Metal band with native language written lyrics, quite a lot of epic atmospheres, themes about heroes, glory, courage, and similar, and I'm pretty sure they get a fair share of fans in their home country, they play the typical Latin Epic Heavy Metal you've heard before on the biggest names in Spain or South America, complete with ballad-like songs, melodic vocals, atmospheric keyboard backgrounds, headbanging riffs and fancy solos, so if you're into this music this is a release you'll enjoy for sure.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10