Country: Spain
Title: Souverain
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Year: 2017
Style: Black Death Metal

Out of nowhere comes this Spanish trio (now a quartet by Metal Archives' info) and shatters everything away with their debut album. The 12 tracks featured here offer almost an hour of evil and mysterious music, a fine balance between extreme brutality, atmospheric soundscapes, and excellent technical and compositional level resulting in a Blackened Death Metal that sounds interesting and captivating from start to finish. Mid-tempo to fast paced rhythms, astonishing amount of clever guitar riffs stacked in multiple layers, tasty guitar solos, impressive leads, versatile, complex vocal section, demented drumming, subtle but heavy as fuck bass lines, all these emphasized by occasional addition of atmospheric keyboards, synths and even violins, yet the end result is damn brutal, serious and evil to the bone. No doubt this is one of the best debut Black Death Metal albums released in recent years, way different than the flock of Behemoth followers out there, this one has its own identity, its own story and offers something different.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10